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  • n. a polymer formed from a single type of monomer


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  • Tautan balik ditutup, tapi anda bisa memberi komentar. lordofthelor duh nyasar ke blog org nih, tp pengen komen: "molekul CCC=C" bukan "1,3-butadiene, homopolymer"

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  • Untuk mencari molekul CCC=C saja misalnya American Chemists Society CAS memberi nama 1,3-butadiene, homopolymer.

    Polimer Informatika, Agar Komputer Pintar Kimia – Netsains.Com

  • (NYSE: ASH) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its polyvinyl acetate homopolymer and copolymer (PVAc) business to Celanese Corporation.

    Reuters: Press Release

  • North American polypropylene resin producers are seeking a 3¢/lb increase in selling prices, which have averaged 62¢ for homopolymer grade for the past three months.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • The company, based in Dallas, said it would increase the price of all vinyl acetate homopolymer and vinyl acetate ethlene emulsions by 3 cents per wet pound as of April 1. rss feed

  • Supply has been improving all winter-partly because of slipping demand-and the springtime pricing for homopolymer grades has dropped a dime to 66¢.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • The oligomer and homopolymer have 10. 8% phosphorus content while the phosphorus content of the copolymer is grade dependant.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • According to data from Purchasing, pricing for homopolymer PP grades will also slide in 2001.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • The heat deflection temperature of homopolymer PP at 66 psi is 221F.

    All DN headlines

  • Our comparative analysis based on GC content and homopolymer frequency in the inserts, as well as codon usage, and residue or peptide frequencies and overlaps indicated that (i) there was no preferential amplification of certain inserts but (ii) both datasets share essentially the same sequence properties.

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