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  • noun Any of various succulents of the genus Hoodia native to desert areas of southwest Africa.
  • noun A preparation made from any of these plants, especially from the species Hoodia gordonii, purported to suppress the appetite after being ingested.

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  • noun botany Any of the genus Hoodia of succulent cactiform plants.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[After an English collector of succulents with the surname Hood, (fl. 1820s).]

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From the genus name.


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  • While commonly referred to as the hoodia cactus, it is technically a succulent.


  • The ingredients are typically a mixture of plants and natural ingredients, such as hoodia gordonii, a seaweed called fucus vesiculosus and guarana, a stimulant.

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  • This initial policy was adopted in response to reports of dehydrated but otherwise unprocessed herbs, such as hoodia stem (Hoodia gordonii), being marketed for example as "Hoodia gordonii extract 20: 1."

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  • Several companies claim just that -- infusing balms and glosses with ingredients such as hoodia and peppermint that aim, in various ways, to put a damper on appetite.


  • On weight-loss blogs, I frequently saw ads for acai berries, hoodia, and other treatments that seemed more like snake oil than long-term solutions to a weight problem.

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