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  • verb To digitally record (a television show).
  • verb To have a show on one's lineup of shows to record.


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From the TiVo service.


  • My tivo is already set to record the show tonight.

    REMINDER: Our ‘Spoilers’ Movie Show Debuts Tonight At 7:30 On MTV » MTV Movies Blog

  • I called tivo and spoke to someone in support and they blamed the expander as the issue, my two options were 1 remove the expander and lose everything or 2 reboot it a few times till/if it comes up and live with the problem since its a 3rd party problem.

    TiVo Community

  • If amazon won't take it back, I can call tivo back.

    TiVo Community

  • Set up the component cable, hook up the coax cable, install the wireless wifi thing, call tivo or online and set up lifetime service?

    TiVo Community

  • And if it's past your bedtime, then simply "tivo" it, a service that allows you to digitally record all of your favorite shows, every time they happen to be on!

    Greg Gutfeld: NEW SHOW ON FOX NEWS TONIGHT! (starring your friend Greg)

  • i had set up my new tivoHD on an annual plan, but called tivo and had it transferred to a lifetime. originally activated back in July, lifetime started just a few days ago officially.

    TiVo Community

  • Once you're signed up for Kwiry and configured the service, simply text the keyword "tivo" plus the name of the program

    Original Signal - The best of Web 2.0

  • Molly said ... mooshki, i read it as he taped oprah as in 'tivo'd' oprah and i still don't know wth he means. this is what enty gets for signing letters to gift as being from ted c. he's slowly morphing into him. no kidding he took the el? damn, i would have hopped on the blue line had i known. (now the word tapped is appropriate) oh, and about the guy she was leaning on? supposedly she had him on her show this morning. maybe harriet hellfire can fill us in if she watched it.

    Crazy Days and Nights

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    2010 March

  • SO good in its initial season. deathly boring in recent episodes - not even worth a quick tivo fast forward through.

    Which TV shows are you breaking up with this season? (I'm dumping 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Masterpiece Mystery!') |


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