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  • n. One of the 24 equal parts of a day.
  • n. One of the points on a timepiece marking off 12 or 24 successive intervals of 60 minutes, from midnight to noon and noon to midnight or from midnight to midnight.
  • n. The time of day indicated by a 12-hour clock.
  • n. The time of day determined on a 24-hour basis: 1730 hours is 5:30 P.M.
  • n. A unit of measure of longitude or right ascension, equal to 15° or 1/24 of a great circle.
  • n. A customary or fixed time: the dinner hour.
  • n. A set period of time for a specified activity: banking hours.
  • n. A particular time: their hour of need.
  • n. A significant time: Her hour had come.
  • n. The present time: the man of the hour.
  • n. The work that can be accomplished in an hour.
  • n. The distance that can be traveled in an hour.
  • n. A single session of a school day or class.
  • n. A credit hour.
  • n. Ecclesiastical The canonical hours.

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  • n. A time period of sixty minutes; one twenty-fourth of a day.
  • n. A season, moment, time or stound.
  • n. The time.
  • n. Used after a two-digit hour and a two-digit minute to indicate time.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The twenty-fourth part of a day; sixty minutes.
  • n. The time of the day, as expressed in hours and minutes, and indicated by a timepiece; as, what is the hour? At what hour shall we meet?
  • n. Fixed or appointed time; conjuncture; a particular time or occasion
  • n. Certain prayers to be repeated at stated times of the day, as matins and vespers.
  • n. A measure of distance traveled.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A particular time; a fixed or appointed time; a set season: as, the hour of death.
  • n. The time marked or indicated by a timepiece; the particular time of day: as, what is the hour? at what hour shall we meet?
  • n. The twenty-fourth part of a civil day, or the twelfth part of a natural day or night.
  • n. plural Set times of prayer; the canonical hours (which see, under canonical).
  • n. The offices or services prescribed for the canonical hours, or a book containing them. See book of hours, below.
  • n. In Greek myth, one of the Horæ or Hours, the goddesses of the seasons and guardians of the gates of heaven.
  • n. The hour reckoned from sunrise as the beginning of the day.
  • n. In astronomy and geography, an angular measure of right ascension or longitude, being the twenty-fourth part of a great circle of the sphere, or fifteen degrees.
  • n. One hour in a shop. In many technical schools students are required to spend a certain number of hours in workshops. These are called shop-hours, to distinguish them from the hours spent in the recitation-room.

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  • n. a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day
  • n. distance measured by the time taken to cover it
  • n. a special and memorable period
  • n. clock time


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Old French houre, from Latin hōra, from Greek hōrā, season, time; see yēr- in Indo-European roots.

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Middle English houre, oure, from Anglo-Norman houre, from Old French houre, (h)ore, from Latin hōra ("hour"), from Ancient Greek ὥρα (hōrā, "any time or period, whether of the year, month, or day"), from Proto-Indo-European *yer-, *yor- (“year, season”). Akin to Old English ġēar ("year"). Displaced native Middle English stunde, stound ("hour, moment, stound") (from Old English stund ("hour, time, moment")), Middle English ȝetid, tid ("hour, time") (from Old English *ġetīd, compare Old Saxon getīd ("hour, time").


  • You should do an hour of the show each time instead of just half hour*

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  • Peter and John went to the Temple (Acts iii. 1) _at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour_.

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  • In one hour the transformation was complete, and it was _in that hour_ that the child developed the outward signs of the

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  • He said the DOT's long-term goal is to shave an hour from the 3 ½-hour trip between Seattle and Portland, which would make rail travel more competitive with driving.

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  • But this is the hour of the power of darkness; this is your hour».

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  • Today, with 6 hour £35 PC games that reviews say is fine and other 12-15 hour games that are now 'standard' and the odd 30 hour+ game that is now seen as 'exceptional' we see PC gaming getting to a low point.

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  • Just in case you forgot I love it because I am a night person and like to sleep until nine every morning and rush hour is a word not associated with getting to work at noon or going home at nine.

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  • HH: This hour is a special hour of the Hugh Hewitt Show.


  • She looks at her watch and notices that the hour is almost up, then runs back to the office seemingly curious about the countdown.

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  • The need of the hour is therefore a close collaboration between educationists and technologists.

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