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  • n. A platform where candidates in an election give speeches.
  • n. An assembly, especially one of the retainers of a ruler.

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  • n. A public meeting for conference; a council; specifically, a court: now usually in the plural, hustings, used also as singular.
  • n. plural (also as singular). A temporary platform on which nominations of members of Parliament were made, and from which a candidate addressed his constituency. Since the passing of the Ballot Act of 1872 the use of hustings has been discontinued, but the word is still used with reference to any platform from which electioneering speeches are delivered.


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From Old Norse húsþing, from hús ("house") + þing ("council, meeting").


  • A union spokesman said the GMB is to urge tied licensee members to attend local "husting" meetings organised by community groups where would-be MPs take questions from the public.

    Rss news feed for Morning Advertiser

  • An up and coming husting for the LGBT community in Cardiff has been planned for the 19 April according to a report on our Welsh Elections 2011 map – a report on a hustings in Cardiff north last Friday was also submitted.

    Cardiff today – Cardiff Rock & Roll memories and more election hustings

  • Too, during this Barry husting, it was evident there were few substantive policy differences amongst them.

    Denis Campbell: Mr. Cairns Goes to Westminster? UK Election Writ Small, Retail & Local

  • How the candidates had been chosen went unsaid, but they apparently did not sit together on a platform or “husting,” as in Virginia.


  • And were you asian, african etc how would you fancy going along to a husting to be abused by one of the candidates, told to "go home", well even pay you to do this?

    A lovely day out for the BNP

  • Without it, the BNP would dominste the husting by their very presence, others woud refuse to take part, You de facto non platform them - the good guys

    A lovely day out for the BNP

  • Inevitably however, that did not apply to the last week and there were one or two bizarre questions to the First Minister that sounded a bit like husting speeches.

    Proxy election

  • We knew that before, and we heard the sound of it from every husting in the country.

    Phineas Redux

  • But Americans need to be convinced, and you know, the president is out there on the husting (ph) saying, you know, everything is going to get better, don't worry about it.

    CNN Transcript Jul 16, 2002

  • The Britons held husting with great wisdom; they took anon Aurelie, the elder brother, in the noble husting, and raised him to be king.

    Roman de Brut. English


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