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  • transitive v. To assert as a hypothesis.
  • intransitive v. To form a hypothesis.

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  • v. to hypothesise

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To form hypotheses. Also hypothesise, hypothetize.
  • To assume as a hypothesis.

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  • v. to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds


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  • One reason for this phenomenon, the authors hypothesize, is that indulgence guilt is a “hot” emotion, leading to intense but momentary pangs of conscience.

    Primary Sources

  • We shall "hypothesize" that all the immigrants would be peaceful; if they weren't then crime and/or security measures would destroy the rich country.

    How Markets Value the Welfare of the Poor: Follow-up to A Non-Socratic Dialogue, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Stanley Kubrick did not "hypothesize" a doomsday device, they actually existed.


  • If Obama wanted to hypothesize to make a point, why not make up an organization name as well instead of naming an actual and opposing political group and "hypothesize" about those danged furriners controlling their message?

    Jihad Monitor

  • She said she would not "hypothesize" whether she would support Lyons heading Rio Nuevo.


  • Debate is not about a bunch of catty, uninformative, "Fox-News"-like blabber about occasional spelling mistakes, errors in academic trivia and how their knowledge in NewSpeak do's-and-don'ts (e.g. don't use "hypothesize" for anyone other than the originator of an idea no matter how far buried in the recesses of time, apparently) empowers them with a metaphysical prescience to evaluate in some small way who is 'serious' in an academic field in absence of mindful studiousness and profound contemplation of the (un)read material.

    How debate is done in the hive

  • He's A) misunderstood what "hypothesize" means, B) took my usage of "blasphemous" out of context and C) misread "Massimo Pallottino hypothesized in 1979 that Tarχies refers to Tages ..." to mean that I somehow credit Pallottino "for the origins of the legend of Tages".

    How debate is done in the hive

  • Linguists hypothesize that elements shared in distant parts of Indo-European territory are relics inherited from the ancestral prehistoric language.

    The English Is Coming!

  • One could plausibly hypothesize that liberals are sensitized to conservative political activity, which passes unnoticed by conservatives in the very same churches.

    American Grace

  • I suggest we hypothesize about the reason for it -- it happens to overlook the ocean.

    Alla Kazovsky: Asking Questions


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