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  • adj. superlative form of icy: most icy.


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  • Ferrari continues to walk the iciest tightrope: It's a legend, a motorsports mythology, the Camelot of fast cars.

    Ferrari 458 Italia Loses Its Top, Gains Hugely

  • Thus spake the press release: Effortlessly copes with low grip conditions…superb high-performance starts from standstill even on the slipperiest, snowiest and iciest of surfaces.

    The Coolest Ferrari Ever—Drive Carefully

  • As you watch Alain Corneau's Love Crime, take a minute to try to decide who has the iciest, deadliest pair of eyes -- Kristin Scott Thomas or Ludivine Sagnier.

    Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Love Crime

  • In the middle of one of the coldest, snowiest and iciest winters in history, the last alarm you'd think our nation's disaster response leadership would be sounding is around fires.

    Mark Shriver: The Winter Danger That May Surprise You

  • And then came Climategate, the multimillionaire Al Gore's personal and professional meltdown, the coldest, iciest, and snowiest winters in memory, all the false warnings about record hurricanes and tsunamis becoming the new norm, the Orwellian metamorphosizing nomenclature global warming begat climate change that is now begetting "climate chaos".


  • Or I could decide to risk the ice for a latte, but go a few blocks out of the way to avoid the iciest areas.

    Jeff Schweitzer: Managing Risks in Public Policy: Impact vs. Probability?

  • It really is made in Canada and is created to be worn in some of the iciest places on the planet that obviously includes much of its eponymous birthplace during the winter months.


  • With that resolve in mind, she set her jaw and, giving the skald her iciest glare, moved past him.

    Raven Speak

  • The Annette who woke as we pulled into New York was her old shrewish self; when I referred to our tender interlude, she simply turned her back and ordered me out in her iciest tone so that she could get dressed.


  • Your song is a humming blue flame in your heart that gets you up out of bed, in the Midwest at its iciest or the Southwest at its most scalding, the Southeast at its most humid or the Northwest at its rainiest.

    Lucia Brawley: A Twa Lala -- Play a Song: My Keynote Address at the Music Educators Symposium at the Yale School of Music


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