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  • n. Plural form of idiom.


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  • One of my favorite Spanish idioms translates as "blue prince" in English.

    Fair to say that idioms speak volumes

  • I believe, as do a number of Hebrew scholars, that a proper reading of the idioms translates as, “At some point previously …Gods, He created the physical universe.”

    Hey, "Evolution News": correct this! - The Panda's Thumb

  • To differentiate their vocabulary, grammar and idioms is quite straightforward if you make an effort to understand and inhabit the characters, but the hard thing is how you handle the overlaps and the gaps in the characters 'knowledge.

    A Conversation with Chris Cleave about Little Bee

  • I was too busy perfecting my ability to memorize song lyrics after three hearings, an ability I developed to make up for my inability to pick out slang and idioms from the rock-star-slurred lyrics, a skill that is pretty much the last thing you pick up when learning a second language.


  • Most of the Spanish-English dictionaries available here are geared (for some incomprehensible reason -- this is California) to the Spanish of Spain, and contain idioms that are fairly strange.

    the expat bookshelf

  • An idioms is a term which must be learned as a unit, because its meaning is not clear from its parts.

    Think Progress » Hume to Juan Williams: “Someone Needs To Hose You Down”

  • But it is in idioms that I see the biggest differences - we go on holiday, Americans take vacations, for example.

    Archive 2004-06-01

  • The self-conscious balladic simplicity of the Mask, including its adoption of the popular-print and pamphlet idioms, is further evidence of his attempt to "throw his voice" into the fray from a position outside it.

    Shelley, Adorno, and the Scandal of Commited Art

  • Our mother was a Canadian, French and Catholic by descent; that is why my sister and I both speak French, with an accent, it is true, and with certain American idioms, but yet in such a manner as to be able to express nearly all we want to say.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • It then occurred to him that it was rather rough to put him through his paces in Latin idioms at a time like this.

    Follow My leader The Boys of Templeton


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  • "A speech form or an expression of a given language that is peculiar to itself grammatically or cannot be understood from the individual meanings of its elements, as in keep tabs on."

    June 20, 2007