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  • n. An abstract quality that good software should exhibit.

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  • n. A termination (-i-li-ty, L. -i-li-tas) of nouns from adjectives in -le, -ble, -ile, etc., as ability, agility, civility, probability, etc. See -ble, etc.


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From the common suffix of various desirable qualities, e.g. testability, reliability.


  • According to ___________ PSCs in Iraq and CENTCOM's AOR are to be included in this project. ___________ wary of ___________ility to successfully fulfill this contract ___________ believes that ___________ has overextended itself as ___________ currently doing 78 personal protection details.

    David Isenberg: The GAO Transcripts: Part 2, Second Blackwater Interview

  • The oil retailers absorb the remaining losses, which affects their profitab ility.

    India Likely to Decide Soon on Diesel Price Rise

  • The dirt, noise and danger of the machinery may not always be visible but the worker is aware of his personal vulner­ab­ility.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The original hypothesis was that the ab ility to build tetrapod limbs was the genetic novelty, and the ability to build actinopterygian fins was derived from primitive capabilities.

    Ancestral Expression Patterns

  • This elementary mechanical truth of the near impossib ility of machine reading of large sheets of flimsy paper was understood some 70 years ago when the IBM card system was developed.

    Voting: Taken in by High-Tech

  • As the day wore into evening and the tourists vacated the streets, the residents of Pine Cove turned to each other to vent their irritab-ility.

    Practical Demonkeeping

  • It is not possible to get a sub stitute in for Charles 2 until something decisive has taken place betweeen the contending armies, Jackson is [unclear: move ing] and fighting every day -- this con stancy of action precludes the possib ility of getting in a substitute.

    Letter to James Brooks

  • Norquist's testimony before the Obama Debt Commission: http ility. org/index. php? content = grovdeficiHere is


  • As researchers discovered, many students are pursuing finance instead of STEM careers because Wall Street jobs "are higher paying" and offer "employment stability" and "less susceptib (ility) to offshoring."

    In These Times

  • After these dates it will no longer be possible to view these channels without digital capab-ility.



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