from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. not getting adequate food.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. not getting adequate food


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  • Here were no ill-fed, whiskey-poisoned men, such as the rest of the sailors, who, having drunk up their last pay-days, had starved ashore until they had received and drunk up their advance money for the present voyage.


  • He saw her yearning, hungry eyes, and her ill-fed female form which had been rushed from childhood into a frightened and ferocious maturity; then he put his arms about her in large tolerance and stooped and kissed her on the lips.

    Chapter 4

  • But the insane exploit had a cost: The surviving forces were bedraggled and ill-fed.

    Boardroom Conquerors

  • Surely these are just healthy, commonsense institutions that may have lain dormant during two millennia of repressed, unfit, ill-fed Christianity, but whose resurgence now needn't make our world like the ancient one – certainly not in the significant and very conscious sense that 16th and 18th-century Europe was.

    Full Circle: How the Classical World Came Back to Us by Ferdinand Mount

  • The visage he displayed was scrawny and his greeting cautious, like that of an ill-fed mouse who suspected that the cat had come to call.

    The Mistaken Wife

  • He breathes in through his nose and just about catches the scent of her, the rivers of nicotine-infused, ill-fed rhesus-negative running through her.

    The Redleys

  • In advance of the United Nations hearing on the U.S. human rights record, taking place in Geneva on Friday, November 5th, advocacy groups called the U.S. government to account for regularly washing its hands of any responsibility for ensuring that its people are not ill-fed, ill-housed, and of ill health.

    Anja Rudiger: Why the United States Fails to Recognize Economic and Social Rights

  • We feel so bad about this particular ill-fed child or wronged patient that the image on our mental screen clouds our judgment about "what is just" or "what is fair" in general.

    Barry Schwartz: Partial Justice

  • Curiously, Jan had with him a young boy whom I took for his apprentice, though he looked scrawny and ill-fed; added to this, the motions of his arms and the turn of his head seemed more akin to that of a cat than a boy.

    The Stream and The Torrent

  • As such, he is paid, not to do actual unbiased research and report the findings, but to generate creative writing that agrees with the institute, which is dedicated to preserving corporate profits and corporate welfare, and has no concern whatsoever for the poor, the ill-fed, the ill-housed, and those with inadequate health care.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Fannie Mae Health Care”:


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