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  • adj. Not partial or biased; unprejudiced. See Synonyms at fair1.

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  • adj. Treating all parties, rivals, or disputants equally; not partial; not biased; fair.

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  • adj. Not partial; not favoring one more than another; treating all alike; unprejudiced; unbiased; disinterested; equitable; fair; just.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not partial; not favoring one more than another; unprejudiced; equitable; just: as, an impartial judge or judgment; impartial favors.
  • Indifferent; not taking part.
  • [By apparent association with in part, or else by improper assumption of the prefix as intensive.] Partial.
  • Synonyms Unbiased, fair, honorable, even-handed.

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  • adj. free from undue bias or preconceived opinions
  • adj. showing lack of favoritism


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From im- + partial


  • Such an agent might be impartial between her children with respect to the care they receive (while preferring her own children over others in this respect), and also impartial between the various job candidates; but it is clear that these two uses of the word ˜impartial™ denote very different practices.


  • Dorn crunched the numbers for more than 60 UN peacekeeping operations, which he describes as impartial, long-term missions that use force only for defence, compared to the Afghan mission where there is combat with a declared enemy...

    I guess deaths on UN-run missions are more noble...

  • For the BBC to call itself impartial is a sick joke, their political bias is clear and obvious and I am sure that I (and others) could list their built-in prejudices with ease.

    Are the BBC going easy on Labour

  • The Gov, which should be impartial, is picking sides.

    Wonk Room » Fox Attacked Auto Bailout Because It Helped Unions, Now Attacks Auto Bankruptcy Because It…Helps Unions?

  • Everywhere, the ‘authoritative’ spew forth: talking heads, hired to impart wisdom, partial often in impartial guise, complicit in the consumer con-game we call society, where the mediocre is hailed as great!

    Why read Great Literature: the guide to a good life

  • "BBC must become more impartial" is the headline on its own take (HERE) on its deep-rooted culture of leftist-liberal bias, implying that it is already impartial and merely needs to adjust a little to become even more so.

    Archive 2007-06-17

  • Paul explained that TIOTI has a four-track revenue scheme that will allow them to remain impartial: advertising (they plan to use the site as an Advertising 2.0 laboratory); white-labelling the service; sponsorships; and ratings/download trend reports.

    February « 2007 « Innovation Cloud

  • So ... now pharmacists 'personal moralities are overtaking their professional ethics ... first the fundamentalism reaches politicians, now it reaches professions people trust to remain impartial (because no one never expected that from politicians).

    more theocracy

  • The concept that reporters can be impartial is ridiculous.

    Climate Change: NBC 29 vs. The World at

  • He assured the fans that City Hall would remain impartial, inviting Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington on stage, decked out in a Mets cap and shirt.

    Subway Series fever sweeps N.Y.


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