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  • adj. Devoid of or unaffected by passion, emotion, or bias. See Synonyms at fair1.

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  • adj. not showing, and not affected by emotion, bias, or prejudice

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Free from passion; not warped, prejudiced, swerved, or carried away by passion or feeling; judicial; calm; composed.
  • adj. Not dictated by passion; not proceeding from temper or bias; impartial

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Free from passion; calm; composed; impartial; unmoved by strong emotion; cool; applied to persons: as, dispassionate men or judges.
  • Not dictated by passion; not proceeding from temper or bias; impartial: applied to actions or sentiments: as, dispassionate proceedings; dispassionate views.
  • Synonyms Cool, serene, temperate, moderate, collected, unruffled, sober.

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  • adj. unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

dis- +‎ passionate


  • All this angst needs to be placed in dispassionate perspective.

    Michael Brenner: A Phony War

  • Amid many biologists that prefer to remain dispassionate about the subjects of their research, or who desire little interaction with local citizens, Nichols stands apart.

    Baja communities play a key role in conservation

  • The answer is entirely predictable, and not likely to be grounded in dispassionate analysis.

    Sound Politics: Democrats Pitch on Stem Cell Research Stinks

  • She stood on the other side of the bed, gloved hands by her sides and expression dispassionate as she continued to relate the various tests conducted and maneuvers instigated to decrease intracranial pressure.


  • I think today in the sense which I would use the term, it's someone who has respect for the important traditions that have made us; someone who views education and culture as precious and fragile inheritances that must be preserved, and the best way to preserve them is to study them in a dispassionate, which is not to say uninterested and committed way.

    Tenured Radicals

  • But by no stretch of the imagination could she be called a dispassionate expert.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • While the world was seeing pictures of the bodies of Haitian children being dug up from earthquake rubble, Rush was once again reasserting himself as the "dispassionate", "clear thinking", wannabe tough guy who masters concepts that are beyond the grasp of less insightful observers.

    Mike Papantonio: Limbaugh the Hyena (With Video)

  • His was certainly not "dispassionate" or value-free social science.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • It may be better to simply not read these things unless you can view it with a more "dispassionate" medical eye - which of course one cannot do unless they are a medical professional.

    i did a dumb, dumb thing

  • However, as Oppelt said in 2000, the excellent people who manage and communicate the news and opinions disseminated by the same "dispassionate" media have their

    ANC Today


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