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  • adj. Persistently calm, whether when facing difficulties or experiencing success; not easily upset or excited.

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  • adj. not easily perturbed or excited or upset; marked by extreme calm and composure


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un- + flap (“upset, stir, scandal, controversy”) + -able


  • The word unflappable has been used, correctly, and that puts him in contrast to the incumbent, who often seems not so much calm as insensate.

    The GOP Wins by Bruising

  • The Penguins 'coach, Dan Bylsma, says the level of hatred was so lacking as his team - which only the day before he had called "unflappable" - flapped badly against the Senators, that they had better find some by tonight's Game 2 in Pittsburgh.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Why oh why oh why did the Yankees think it was wise to pay $82.5 million to this 34-year-old pitcher, who has proven himself so unreliable and ineffective that the mere mention of his name causes unflappable New Yorkers to seethe?

    Sympathy for A.J. Is Not Tolerated Here

  • Senator Obama has been described as unflappable on the campaign trail.

    Harold Pollack: How can I face my parents if I say McCain is too old to be president?

  • MacFarlane says twisted sense of humor comes from family, namely his "unflappable" mother

  • He's just very unflappable, which is something which will stand him in good stead.

    NYT > Home Page

  • This campaign that during the bums rush period had the punditocracy cooing about "brutal efficiency" "unflappable" "on message" has since Nov 1 or so, come totally apart.

    Hillary Campaign Won't Air Ads Attacking Obama

  • If he think things are this urgent, well, then "unflappable" surely won't cut it.

    "Barack Obama's temperament is famously unflappable."

  • I have just been reading about St. Francis de Sales who was known as 'unflappable'.

    Mood Swings

  • But the bottom line here is, the thing I admire about this guy, no matter what you say, man, this guy has been unflappable, meaning my guy, Barack, this guy has been steady, man, this guy has come across as solid.

    CNN Transcript Nov 4, 2008


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