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  • adj. Not emotional; unrelated to emotion


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ emotional


  • Rapp waited for a pause and then asked in a confident, nonemotional tone, “Are you done?”

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • Even then his statements were legalistic, nonemotional, and not autobiographical in nature.

    Rain Gods

  • After writing down just a few dialogues, you will find yourself struck by what narrow, predictable exchanges you have been engaged in: either the nonemotional logistics of time management or interactions that quickly escalate into blow-ups.

    Childhood Unbound

  • Thus very emotional events tend to be written into memory more strongly than nonemotional events.

    Why We Believe What We Believe

  • You will get his immediate attention when you use nonemotional words which he is completely unprepared for.

    Why Men Marry Bitches

  • "Everything we do for our six no-load funds is highly disciplined and nonemotional," say Hennessy.

    StreetTalk With Bob Lenzner

  • But besides that, very nonemotional, very stonefaced.

    CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2006

  • You have to pull together good, solid statistics and advance your position in a nonemotional way.

    On victim-blaming and control

  • But in modern discussions by such theorists as Bjork and Anderson, retrieval inhibition is a far more ubiquitous construct that applies to both emotional and nonemotional experiences.

    Mind Wide Open

  • The left hemisphere is relatively more involved with nonemotional statements, proper word usage, grammar, logic, and consonant sounds.

    Meditation as Medicine


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