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  • adj. Impending or in the offing; imminent.
  • adj. having unrestricted freedom of movement, for example because the police have lost track of one's location


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  • She ran out of the apartment and down the steps like she might see a green trail of bills blowing in the wind in the direction her money had escaped, but once on the street, she headed for the only place she knew, toward the Marina Safeway.

    You Suck

  • As yesterday and the historical ages are past, as the work of to-day is present, so some flitting perspectives, and demi-experiences of the life that is in nature are in time veritably future, or rather outside to time, perennial, young, divine, in the wind and rain which never die.

    A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

  • After A-Rod drove in Jeter with a one-out sacrifice fly to center, Hideki Matsui lifted a pop-up that twisted in the wind above Angels shortstop Erick Aybar and third baseman Chone Figgins.

    One Season

  • We may love the brass-buttoned general riding at the head of his troops, waving his saber and spurring his frothy mount while his long hair flashes in the wind like a banner, but we must remember the war as a tragic, bloody half-decade that cost America close to 700,000 lives.


  • I spent more time enjoying the company surrounding me and looking at the left-field flags whip around in the wind than I did worrying about the Los Angeles Angels.

    One Season

  • Tolliver's mother had died years ago, of breast cancer, before we'd even met Art. Tolliver's dad, my stepfather, was in the wind since he'd gotten out of jail, having served his time on drug charges.

    Grave Surprise

  • I stared into storms and met their fury with intensity and jubilation, growing icicles on my face on Humboldt Peak and spreading my arms like wings in the wind on the summit of Torreys Peak.

    127 Hours

  • “Fine evening,” I said, looking across the street at the Shadows plantation house and the bamboo moving in the wind and the magnificent, lichen-encrusted, moss-hung canopy of the live oaks.

    Jolie Blon’s Bounce

  • The price of any one stock or bond is like a feather in the wind carried in nonpredictable, random directions by news reports about the company, good or bad, or rumors about the company, good or bad!


  • ‘There is so little to go on – just a few straws in the wind – nothing that could be called evidence.’

    The Key


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