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  • n. The property of being inattentive.

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  • n. The state of being inattentive; inattention.

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  • n. a lack of attentiveness (as to children or helpless people)
  • n. the trait of not being considerate and thoughtful of others


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inattentive +‎ -ness


  • ADHD is characterized by inattentiveness, impulsive behavior and hyperactivity.

  • Remember Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 election for the same kind of inattentiveness to the economy. —

    McCain Now Criticizes Obama for Travels - The Caucus Blog -

  • But don't confuse that kind of inattentiveness with the times he cut off a guest mid-sentence in order to get to his next question.

    Inside TV Blog

  • Although the connections between adult creative accomplishment and dyslexia have been widely recognized, both the talents and the dyslexic challenges of gifted dyslexic children often go unrecognized during their school years because their strengths in memory and higher order thinking compensate for their weaknesses in phonology and single word decoding, while their "silly mistakes," "inattentiveness," and "slow work" obscure their abilities.

    Eide Neurolearning Blog

  • ADHD is a complex neurobehavioral disorder, which includes symptoms and behaviors such as inattentiveness, running around or climbing excessively, and being excitable or impulsive, many of which can be disruptive.


  • "Mind wandering is typically associated with negative things like laziness or inattentiveness," says lead author, Prof. Kalina Christoff, UBC Dept. of Psychology.

    Boing Boing

  • Impulsiveness and inattentiveness, however, tend to persist.

    Earl Martin Phalen: Treating Our Children: An ADHD and Medication Q&A with Dr. Robert Needlman

  • Iranians are deeply upset by the general inattentiveness of the media and world leaders to their political protests.

    World should shun Iran leader

  • Children who showed high levels of hyperactivity and inattentiveness as kindergartners were much more likely to buy lotto tickets, bet on sports, and play video poker in the sixth grade than were less impulsive students.

    Quick Study

  • This fundamental difference in brain function might be an underlying cause of the inattentiveness, impulsivity and focus problems that make it hard for ADHD children to concentrate in the classroom, the scientists said during an annual gathering of 31,000 brain researchers in Washington, D.C.

    Scientists Probe Role of Brain in ADHD Cases


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