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  • n. The property of being leisurely.

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  • n. slowness by virtue of being leisurely


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  • So he waited, chafing, while Mervo examined the situation, turned it over in its mind, discussed it, slept upon it, discussed it again, and displayed generally that ponderous leisureliness which is the Mervian's birthright.

    The Prince and Betty

  • It doesn't so much develop as slowly (the pace is of an almost forgotten leisureliness) darken.

    After the Dance; Love Story; Joe Turner's Come and Gone

  • For all the differences between golf and most other spectator sports its sheer spaciousness and the special beauty of its artificial landscape, the extreme leisureliness of its rhythms, the demands on concentration, the brevity of its key actions, let alone their fierce intensities of gracefulness, accuracy, timing, trigonometry all those differences shrink beside the indices of money and fame, the two poles of success.

    'A Short History of Celebrity'

  • But once all these types of stories cease to be published -- and features by their nature rely on the leisureliness of print reading and generous photographic layouts that lure in the semi-curious reader -- I worry we'll have lost the shared understanding and celebration of Chicago as an infinitely unpredictable, loving, misguided, charming, ugly, pretty and charismatic city.

    David Murray: The Socially Catastrophic Demise of the Light Feature Story

  • The other thing about Dumas that throws off readers accustomed to Bruckheimer-esque narratives is his sheer leisureliness.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • "Last Rituals" captures both the city's freneticism (everybody seems to be working at least two jobs) and its leisureliness (parties, once begun, never seem to end).


  • There will be a mighty University here, with thousands of professors and tens of thousands of advanced students, and here great journals of thought and speculation, mature and splendid books of philosophy and science, and a glorious fabric of literature will be woven and shaped, and with a teeming leisureliness, put forth.

    A Modern Utopia

  • We were moving tranquilly, with a curious suggestion of homing leisureliness, through a soft, blue shimmering darkness.

    The Metal Monster

  • The leisureliness of the Times's coverage is especially apparent when compared to that of its top competitor.

    Unfit to Print?

  • So if among virtuous actions political and military actions are distinguished by nobility and greatness, and these are unleisurely and aim at an end and are not desirable for their own sake, but the activity of reason, which is contemplative, seems both to be superior in serious worth and to aim at no end beyond itself, and to have its pleasure proper to itself (and this augments the activity), and the self-sufficiency, leisureliness, unweariedness

    The Nicomachean Ethics


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