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  • adj. Alternative spelling of encrusted.


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  • Of the yellow of ripe corn silk, his frost-incrusted hair swept like day across the night, and fell far down his coat of bear-skin.

    An Odyssey of the North

  • Dorn found small-arms ammunition, hoarded by the officers for as long as eight years, “so incrusted with filth and corrosion as to be useless, while warehouses nearby are stocked with tens of millions of new American ammunition sic.”

    The Last Empress

  • Tables were filled with hammered turquoise-incrusted bracelets, and earrings.

    Harlem, Get A Taste of Brooklyn! «

  • Upon this uneven floor, where the dirt seemed to be fairly incrusted, and which possessed but one virginity, that of the broom, were capriciously grouped constellations of old shoes, socks, and repulsive rags; however, this room had a fireplace, so it was let for forty francs a year.

    Les Miserables

  • Quite near here, in the Rue Saint – Antoine, opposite the Rue des Nonamdieres, there is a cannon-ball incrusted in the wall of the third story of a house with this inscription: ‘July 28th, 1830.’

    Les Miserables

  • There are liquid clays, springs, hard rocks, and those soft and deep quagmires which special science calls moutardes. 59 The pick advances laboriously through the calcareous layers alternating with very slender threads of clay, and schistose beds in plates incrusted with oyster-shells, the contemporaries of the pre-Adamite oceans.

    Les Miserables

  • I drew nearer and saw him sitting on a throne incrusted and inlaid with pearls and gems; and his robes were of gold-cloth adorned with jewels of every kind, each one flashing like a star.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • It is doubtful, indeed, whether the interior be not a natural hill, though it seems not improbable that it is an artificial composition of stone and earth, deeply incrusted, as is certain, in every part with alternate strata of brick and clay.

    Cholula: traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico

  • It was in the cavern of Engis that Professor Schmerling found, incrusted with stalagmite and joined to a stone, the pointed bone implement, which he has figured in Fig. 7 of his Plate XXXVI., and worked flints were found by him in all those Belgian caves, which contained an abundance of fossil bones.


  • The treacherous mud-heaps, the window-panes incrusted with deposits of dust and rain, the mean-looking hovels covered with ragged placards, the grimy unfinished walls, the general air of a compromise between a gypsy camp, the booths of a country fair, and the temporary structures that we in Paris build round about public monuments that remain unbuilt; the grotesque aspect of the mart as

    A Distinguished Provincial at Paris


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