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  • n. A wave phenomenon sharing the physical nature of sound but with a range of frequencies below that of human hearing.

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  • n. Sound waves having frequency below the human audible range (below about 20 Hz).


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infra- +‎ sound


  • And I recall from my army papers, that internal organs have their resonating frequencies, but they are generally in infrasound range.

    Death Rays from Silent Sounds

  • The AGNIR report also looks at the available evidence for the health effects of infrasound, which is produced by aircraft, trains and other machines, as well as thunderstorms, wind and waves.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • More importantly, and speaking of porn, is there a kind of infrasound that can generate sudden and uncontrollable sexual arousal?

    Infrasound Ghosts « Skid Roche

  • The National Health and Medical Research Council assessed the common complaints levelled at the wind-powered energy sector, chiefly that its turbines also generate "infrasound" that can make wind farm neighbours feel ill.

    Medindia Health News

  • The sound of an aboveground blast dies quickly in the atmosphere, but its "infrasound" can circle the globe, to be picked up in Australia, the Azores or any of 58 other locations.

    Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News

  • "infrasound" that can make wind farm neighbours feel ill. | Top Stories

  • Almost certainly these big dinosaurs had to be making infrasound.


  • And infrasound was probably also a perfect way for other very large individuals, living far apart from one another, in similar habitat: the dinosaurs.


  • Many animals, including birds, almost certainly hear infrasound; birds might even use the infrasonic rumblings of the ocean or the shifting plates of the earth to help navigate on their migrations.


  • They hear infrasound, below the threshold of human hearing.



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