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  • n. An integer.
  • abbr. intelligence
  • abbr. intermediate
  • abbr. international

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  • An abbreviation of interest and
  • of introduction.
  • n. An abbreviation
  • n. of interior;
  • n. of interpreter;
  • n. of interval;
  • n. of interjection.


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From integer, by shortening


  • ` QApplication:: QApplication (int&, char**, int) 'hello. o: In function ` QString':

  • Consider following function int * f1 (void) int * ptr; ptr = (int*) malloc (sizeof (int)); return ptr;


  • In C: int siz = 14; / * 14 elements * / int * array = (int*) malloc (size*sizeof (int));

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  • NPT_List&, unsigned int, unsigned int) 'upnp. elf2flt: In function ` NPT_File:: GetCount (char const*, unsigned int&)':

  • LSRegistrationInfo*, AliasRecord const*, AliasRecord const*, unsigned char const*, unsigned int, unsigned int*) + 117 6 com. apple.

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  • This in spite of the fact, that this method will work properly with another signature int ArrSum (int* nargs) {int sum = 0; for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++) {sum + = nargs [i]; return sum;

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  • C++ Syntax (Toggle Plain Text) void computeCube (int n, int* ncubed) * ncubed = n * n * n; int main () int* ptr; computeCube (5, ptr); cout < < "Five cubed is

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  • It's written in C language as the following function: float InvSqrt (float x) {float xhalf = 0. 5f*x; int i = * (int*) & x; full roast blend

  • Drew and next poet represented SF in int'l youth team poetry slam in DC last July.

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  • Autobot Sympathy on May 9, 2009 jetfire is an assasin int his movie although it shows him as a decepticon he actually is a autobot! lets just say he turned a new leaf!

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