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  • adj. Emitted outwards from a centre like rays.
  • adj. Having rays.
  • adj. Having been exposed to (especially nuclear) radiation.


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Participle adjective of irradiate.


  • In the U.S., food irradiation is used for various products, including ground beef, but most retailers resist the practice, lest the word irradiated'' on the label scare off customers.

    When Precaution Trumps Public Safety

  • The notion that long life beverages have been "irradiated" is urban myth.


  • However another source is the materials inside the compartment becoming irradiated from the neutron flux.

    The Future of Power Generation: Nuclear Fusion

  • You can; shave the cow and expose it to ultra-violet rays, and thus obtain irradiated milk.

    The Prolongation of Life

  • An incomprehensible expression irradiated her face, and she seemed to be brooding sensuously on some private hoard of satisfaction.

    The Judge

  • "She is happy!" he said; and a cheerful expression irradiated his venerable features.

    A Romance of Two Worlds

  • It includes environmental features, such as irradiated heat and cooling and proposes to draw at least 9 percent of its energy from renewable sources.

    WTOP / Business / Biz Stories

  • 'irradiated' her dying hours with an assurance that was like 'the light of the Morning Star, the harbinger of the rising sun'.

    Father and Son: a study of two temperaments

  • FSIS) and the agency requires that these products must be labelled as 'irradiated'.

    FoodProductionDaily RSS

  • They did the same thing in the HULK film (the good one, not that awful Ang Lee thing), where the giant green gamma-ray-irradiated Hulk fights another giant green gamma-ray irradiated guy, the Abomination.

    Iron Guy


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