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  • adj. Impossible to refute or disprove; incontrovertible: irrefutable arguments; irrefutable evidence of guilt.

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  • adj. undeniable; unable to be disproved or refuted

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  • adj. Incapable of being refuted or disproved; indisputable.

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  • Not refutable; incapable of being refuted or disproved.
  • Synonyms See list under irrefragable.

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  • adj. impossible to deny or disprove


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From Late Latin irrefūtābilis, from in- ("not") + refūtābilis.


  • For readers who fail to grasp Mr. Hersh's point from the subtitle alone, his central contention is that there exists no "irrefutable evidence of an ongoing hidden nuclear-weapons program in Iran"—which is surely right, since the word "irrefutable" allows for no ambiguity.

    Iran, Syria—and Seymour Hersh

  • These aren't the first accusations but this time the U.S. says it has what it calls irrefutable evidence.

    CNN Transcript Jun 13, 2007

  • KING: Nicholas Burns, the undersecretary of state for political affairs on what he calls irrefutable evidence that Iran is supplying arms to the Taliban.

    CNN Transcript Jun 13, 2007

  • Today Obrador showed reporters videotapes of what he calls irrefutable evidence of voting fraud.

    CNN Transcript Jul 10, 2006

  • Mr. Sam Rainsy has now released what he called irrefutable evidences of Vietnam's encroachments, including pictures and maps drawn by independent cartographical experts.

    KI Media

  • In this mind-blowing, exhaustively researched Cato institute paper by Ohio State University's John Mueller, the case against being afraid of terrorism is laid out in irrefutable logic, backed with credible, documented statistics about terrorism's risks.

    Boing Boing: August 6, 2006 - August 12, 2006 Archives

  • The 1. 7-million-strong Congress of South African Trade Unions declared around the same time that the link between HIV and AIDS was "irrefutable" - a stand mirrored by the South African

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Taubes’ book didn’t get the publicity it deserved partly because it’s pretty dense – he was really aiming to document the science and the politics in irrefutable detail, but that made it pretty tough sledding for a popular audience, as I think he acknowledged in some interviews.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Are Carbs Worse than Fat?

  • To smooth out the negative trend from the 30s to the 70s (the so-called irrefutable evidence that an ice age was imminent) one might expect that type of shape (hyperbolic) necessary in order to produce a hockey stick.

    Hansen and the "Destruction of Creation" « Climate Audit

  • Or maybe before attempting more sleight of hand, Obama should take a moment away from studying Lincoln's speeches and Roosevelt's fireside chats and recall the irrefutable sagacity in one of the most (in) famous Bushisms of all.



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