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  • noun A familiar name of an ape. The term usually refers to the Barbary ape, Inuus ecaudatus. Also jocko.
  • noun A familiar name of a parrot. Also jako.


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  • What a jacko, that is a popular name I understand, well You GO OHbama – but don't take US with you.

    Obama, Medvedev reach 'substantial' deal on Afghanistan

  • It's going down to Denver that is the will of the majority the will of the people. wacko jacko

    Warner and Kaine to campaign with Obama in Virginia

  • Perfect. jacko on 05 Nov 2008 at 9: 19 am # not bad, personally i think the steel takes away from the building, im sure they had their reasons. one of those photos looks a bit wright-ish .. but i guess if i say that im saying all buildings with stone chimneys do ..

    The Burnett Residence by Finne Architects

  • Drama, Fantastic Fest, Horror, IFC Films, Poster, Alamo Drafthouse, Antichrist, Lars-von-Trier jacko its cool that your spotlighting this stuff, but have u ever heard of stepping on someones toes?

    EXCLUSIVE: New Poster for Antichrist, From Fanastic Fest | /Film

  • | Reply hi Scott, you probably should thanks jacko, you must be getting some new traffic to the site

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Destructoid posts about the Thompson contest

  • Only Chensky's a Boston man now, since Devindra moved. jacko your right, and don't get me wrong i love the fact that they feature this stuff and peter really seems to love austin, i guess its just upsetting for me that this upstart blog does a better job of covering events than my site, thats all. skaught great film, time will tell.

    EXCLUSIVE: New Poster for Antichrist, From Fanastic Fest | /Film

  • Excitment i do undertand, but remember after a quite brilliant campaign and faced by a dreadful labour one, jacko and all, the SNP only polled 31% of the vote in 2007, one more than nulab.

    SNP open up massive YouGov poll lead

  • Also - if that is a ramp, it would make sense if there was a door in the screen at the top of the ramp for jacko to make his big entry through... and yes it would definitely be painted flat black.

    Getty Images: Simple As Cmd-V

  • As a longtime Elvis fan, I can see where this Wacko Jacko thing is going, firstly Sony must be glad as can be that he conveniently left a body of unpublished work, but what I am looking forward to are the inevitable wacko jacko sightings.

    WACKO! - A Musical

  • And, if the victim was a child, then the full weight of the community should "demand" that Ms. Hale and her "jacko" mate leave immediately because the law demands it because of their 'close' proximity to schools and play grounds.

    Kim Hale's Husband Convicted Of Public Masturbation


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  • very tabloidian of me to list this

    June 28, 2009

  • "Charles Darwin used the nomenclature Inuus ecaudatus in writing of the Barbary ape, now classified as Macaca sylvanus."

    -- From the Wikipedia entry for Inuus (

    July 28, 2014