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  • n. Backside
  • n. Buttocks


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  • In Kings X when we were watching the crack dealers they used to go down a side street to do a deal and the seller would remove the rock from his jacksy and the buyer would pop it straight into their mouths, mouth to mouth no ta

    What A Load Of Pants! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Any normal person would feel more sympathy for a poor, ugly girl – and I apologise to all those models who tell us how hard it is to be cursed with beauty, but I'm afraid that's how we feel and it ain't going to change, so stick it up your peach-like jacksy and live with it.

    Buy Bono's old sock? No thanks

  • Did little baby Jesus get a cattle prod shoved up his jacksy?

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • If it was her, she would have a bottle up her jacksy, for sure.

    Boris Yeltsin Remembered

  • A clue: if they tell you while you waterboard them or ram a flashlight up their jacksy, then they probably are not telling you the truth

    Think Progress » McCain Calls For Escalation In Iraq, Wants 20,000 More Troops On The Ground

  • I'd call first if I were you: PR isn't PR if you're sitting on your jacksy in the office ..

    Fleshmarket Close

  • On an aside, is it true that alcohol up the jacksy gets you drunk?

    Army Rumour Service

  • Clearly Boateng's so far up the ANC's jacksy that he's either blinded by what's going on, he's ignoring it, or he's in on it.

    British Blogs

  • At a time when parents are having to undergo rigorous police checks for the privilege of ferrying kids around, it's a revelation to hear that there are still a minority of stalwarts who are prepared to kick PC-ism up the jacksy and do what's right.

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed

  • He who lives without laughing needs a good kick up the jacksy.

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