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  • He brought her uphill to Domus de janas, the Tomb of the Giant, the strange rock coffin covered with moss, solemn in the vast solitude of a place alive with ancient legends.

    Grazia Deledda: Voice of Sardinia

  • She was very glad now that she had gone out of her way to dress Father janas appropriately.

    Storm Breaking

  • That was the final touch that he needed, for the robe had been just a bit long on him; now with the new robe, stole, belt, and medallion, janas presented quite a different picture from the man who had arrived.

    Storm Breaking

  • "If Duke Tremane has no objection." gem's face cleared as janas took the question out of his hands, and he bowed slightly to all of them.

    Storm Breaking

  • "If I may come to your side of the desk, sir?" janas asked, and at Tremane's nod, moved around the desk until he stood behind Tremane's chair, and placed the tips of his fingers on Tremane's temples before Tremane had a chance to object.

    Storm Breaking

  • "I think we are ready to see Duke Tremane if he is ready for us," Father janas said to the aide, standing up and settling his new vestments with an air of brisk competence.

    Storm Breaking

  • "Is -" Darkwind began, half standing. janas waved him back.

    Storm Breaking

  • You will not be able to go beyond the borders of this land for very long. janas was not speaking figuratively as we both assumed when he made his explanations to you.

    Storm Breaking

  • "Exactly, exactly!" janas said, as he gathered up his old robe and made it into a neat bundle.

    Storm Breaking

  • If janas was put off by Tremane's attitude, he didn't show it.

    Storm Breaking


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  • Pronunciation.

    September 18, 2008

  • (And tip the fairies!)

    Oh, well, Sardinian fairies are actually evil...

    Anyway I'll think about that (smile)

    March 31, 2008

  • If they had any fairy decency, the least they could do is to gather up some of that beautiful fabric and pay a visit on their less fortunate fellow creatures, the panas. Even form a support group: they've got the ready-made slogan - "Janas helping Panas".

    If a Jana dies in childbirth, is the resulting creature called a --- drumroll please --- Japana?

    Thank you, I'll be here all week. Please try the veal.

    March 31, 2008

  • Janas are the Sardinian fairies. According to legend, they are small nocturnal creatures, that weave the most beautiful fabrics and bake the thinnest bread. They throw their long breasts behind their shoulders to feed orphans.

    Their immense treasure is protected by the dreadful muscas maceddas.

    March 31, 2008