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  • n. Semen.


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  • (One of the fun facts you can learn in Sex at Dawn is that "jism" and "jazz" come from the same root, etymologically.)

    Polite Sex at Dawn

  • One of the fun facts you can learn in Sex at Dawn is that "jism" and "jazz" come from the same root, etymologically.

    Polite Sex at Dawn

  • A Patriot Acting says: daryll is a helpless phoney christian who justifies his reluctance to live his life as his savior did by swallowing Republican jism and spewing out their tired talking points like a good little sheep.

    Think Progress » Kerry: ‘The only thing Republicans say yes to are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, tea partiers, and Fox News.’

  • Ro dug her nails into his butt as he shot his jism into her, bucking back and forth against her pelvis, trying to squeeze out every drop.


  • Then she apologizes, perhaps denying that she was once someone reckless and very young, the taste of sweet jism on a hot afternoon, the torpor of heavy summers, the sun, like a schizophrenic parent, both kind and unforgiving.

    Van Gogh's Peach Tree

  • And isn't "the idea that monogamy comes naturally to men and women" a bit of a jism-stained straw-man argument?

    Polite Sex at Dawn

  • I won't tax your patience with a point-by-point response, but we devote an entire chapter of the book to laying out precisely what we're arguing against, so that we can't be accused of attacking a straw-man, jism-stained or not.

    Polite Sex at Dawn

  • He is also why sometimes I wake up with jism in my shorts … because he invades my room and engineers my anus.


  • You might have assumed that the Christie Brinkley/ Peter Cook divorce was all dealt with, after Christie Brinkley won custody of her children and Peter Cook won enough money to spunk a calculated 67 gallons of jism across a pixellated image of an exhausted-looking 40-year-old woman dressed up like a randy schoolgirl on the internet.

    Christie Brinkley To Divorce Teen-Boinking Husband

  • -- Holly Brubach, being naughty and yet gingerly non-judgmental about the British artist/exhibitionist/seeker of love T.acey Emin in the NY T.mes '"Anglomaniacs" theme issue of T. America used to have its own poet laureate of masturbation, Philip Roth, whose Alexander Portnoy in Portnoy's Complaint couldn't have put out somebody's eye, especially his own, with all that jism machine-gunning everywhere.

    Hands Across the Atlantic: James Wolcott


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  • jism -- noun -- semen. colloquial and considered crude. also jiz, jizz.

    July 23, 2009