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  • v. Present participle of kibitz.
  • n. The action of the verb to kibitz.


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  • A passerby joins you in kibitzing about the auto body work.

    Guadalajara Street Scene

  • George W. Bush told Tom Brokaw last month that he and his father had been "kibitzing" about the vice presidency, though his misplaced emphasis on the second syllable drew laughs from Jews.

    Post-Seinfeld America

  • The governor showed off his Yiddish -- "kibitzing" was how he described what he was doing with his father, the former president -- but the seminal moment was in fluent good-ole-boy.

    It's The Cult Of Personality

  • How much do the people picking in the real draft take Kiper's kibitzing into account?

    After 25 years, Mel Kiper still owns NFL draft hype machine

  • Getty Images Allison Williams "We loved the movie," said Jill Zarin, kibitzing with her husband, Bobby.

    Premiere and Finale

  • Living in the substanceless Void, the immortal Mr g, with the help of his kibitzing Aunt Penelope and Uncle Deva, decides to create the universe.

    Jane MacEyre? Updating an Orphan-to-Nanny Classic

  • Tuesday was Mr. Heath's actual birthday, and the evening began with the kibitzing of Bill Cosby in his third concert appearance in New York in the last two weeks.

    Birthday Wishes, Halloween Dreams

  • Then, wouldn't you know it, her muse demanded that she add a fourth element to the film: kibitzing bystanders.

    Network Awesome: Sita Sings the Cosmic Freakin' Blues

  • In a journal entry during her ordeal she wrote, You get better when you least expect to, when you're not even trying, when you're down by the coffee machine kibitzing with two black seamen who are playing cards.

    Former First Lady Betty Ford Dies

  • Louisa promptly dials back her violin-practicing to a mere 30 minutes a day and bans her mother from kibitzing.

    Home Truths, Marching On


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  • The best game for kibitzing is anagrams. The way we played in college (all the tiles of a Scrabble set face down and turned over one by one), a kibitzer calling out a word was automatically in the game and so didn't disrupt anything.

    December 17, 2007

  • Of Yiddish origin, I believe, and it often comes up during chess matches.

    December 21, 2006

  • Generally this refers to chess matches, but I remember in Scorched Earth, there was a "No Kibitzing!" dialog that would appear when you pressed K. Great for when a whole mass of people are hovering about and offering unsolicited advice.

    December 21, 2006