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  • n. A narrow gate, not wide enough for two to pass as strangers.


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  • As we crossed Bishop Trevor's bridge and passed through the squeaky, iron kissing-gate, the long fingers of shadow on the grass were beginning to shorten as the sun rose above the beeches that flank this stretch of the river Gaunless.

    Country diary: Bishop Auckland

  • Obviously thousands of people in wheelchairs, who would otherwise think nothing of bowling along rutted countryside paths studded with tree roots, rocks and boulders, fallen branches, overhanging brambles, mud swamps and other impedimenta to progress which make them such a challenge for the able-bodied, are being stymied by the kissing-gate.

    Rustic disablism

  • They reached the point at which Albion Villas had been thwarted by a hedge, rich in unripe sloes and green abortive blackberries, in their attempt to get across a stubble-field to the new town, and passed in instalments through its turnstile, or kissing-gate.

    Somehow Good

  • When you reach the main road (one mile from the start), carefully cross over and go through the kissing-gate diagonally opposite and turn left along the permissive path along the eastern shore of Brothers Water.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Make directly for the church in Bampton Grange, and you will go through a small gate and then a kissing-gate to enter the churchyard.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Go through the kissing-gate and then turn right (signpost reads: "Public Footpath Pasture Beck").

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Keep close to the river on your right and you will eventually enter an area of woodland via a kissing-gate.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • The Walk: At the far end of the car park, bear right as if heading for the footbridge over the River Petteril, but, before you reach it, go through the kissing-gate on your left (signpost reads: "Public Footpath Wreay").

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Once over the next footbridge, go through a kissing-gate to leave the nature reserve.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Leave the woods via a wooden kissing-gate, keep close to the fence on your right and then cross the river via the green, metal footbridge.

    Whitehaven News headlines


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  • Milkmaids betimes their swains arouse

    And tempt them away from their plows

    To the kissing-gate,

    There to osculate

    Unhindered by curious cows.

    June 13, 2015

  • "Leave the woods via a wooden kissing-gate, keep close to the fence on your right and then cross the river via the green, metal footbridge."

    June 13, 2015

  • "It was just past the barrier, which they negotiated via a kissing-gate, set in its V-shaped frame, that the two detectives came, on their left, to a large clearing, some 100 yards square, with fir-saplings planted around the fenced perimeter, in which was set a whole complex of sheds and barns, built in horizontally slatted wood, with piles of spruce- and fir-logs stacked nearby, and with several tractors and pieces of tree-felling machinery standing beside or beneath the open-fronted barns."

    - Colin Dexter, 'The Way Through The Woods'.

    November 1, 2008