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  • noun Any of several intense arc lamps used in cinematography


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From "John H. Kliegl" and "Anton T. Kliegl", the original inventors


  • At last June's state Democratic convention, Leticia Van de Putte was all set for the kind of klieg-light moment that ambitious pols lust after.

    The Texas Observer: In the Current Issue

  • Each has always been carrying something; a fragment of a leaf, a segment of sticks, a bundle wrapped in canvas, a klieg light.


  • Shooting flames, smoke machines, klieg lights, back arching/lip curling guitarist posers -- it's "Dancing with the Stars" first ever Rock 'n' Roll night!

    'Dancing with the Stars' rock week: We watch so you don't have to

  • Moved along by a gaggle of television cameras, overhead microphones and klieg lights, Roland Burris of Illinois entered the Capitol Building today even though the Senate leadership had refused to seat him as the replacement for Barack Obama.

    Burris Enters, Then Leaves the Capitol - The Caucus Blog -

  • At the same time, he would have to flesh out his positions on dozens of issues, from financial regulation to foreign policy, all under the klieg lights of a national campaign and upcoming candidate debates, two of them in October alone.

    Christie Decision Down to the Wire

  • They carry small bundles, little klieg lights and tiny cameras.


  • Some New York revelers, wearing party hats and "2012" glasses, began camping out Saturday morning, even as workers readied bags stuffed with hundreds of balloons and technicians put colored filters on klieg lights.

    New Year's Eve 2011: Celebrations Around The World

  • While George W. Bush professes to feeling liberated in his new anonymity — he recently told a high school class in New Mexico a story about the rediscovered task of cleaning up after his dog on a walk — Cheney has sought the klieg lights and broken tradition by immediately going after the new president.

    Why Cheney, and why now?

  • That's not exactly news, and just because he left a trail of e-mails that would make a romance novel writer cringe doesn't make him a complete embarrassment; billets-doux don't hold up well under klieg lights.

    Judgment Day for Mark Sanford

  • But the klieg lights had barely dimmed when anonymous "law enforcement authorities" began attacking the NYPD's case and its methods.

    New York Police and the FBI Feud Over a Terrorist Case


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  • In full, klieg light. Orig., a kind of arc lamp invented for use as a studio light; hence, any powerful electric light used in film-making, or in television.

    Usage: 1927 U. SINCLAIR Oil! xiv. 355 The kleigs glare upon them, and a dozen moving picture cameras grind.

    See also: klieg eyes

    February 5, 2007