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  • n. Alternative spelling of knocking shop.


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  • Even when a previous chairman was taped in a Spanish knocking-shop talking about 'slappers' and the profit margin on replica shirts they kept loyal.

    Why it's continental glamour or bust for Sunderland and Newcastle | Louise Taylor

  • Well, true enough, I'd found it a fair mixture of jail and knocking-shop; I stood there trying to look like a chap who says his prayers in a cold bath every day.

    The Sky Writer

  • The result was that Grattan was sought out and offered the post of chief of the knocking-shop police, which he accepted, puffing his long nose and bland as you please.

    Flashman and The Redskins

  • The Vieux Carre, you must know, is the old French heart of New Orleans, and one gigantic fleshpot fine houses and walks, excellent eating-places and gardens, brilliantly lit by night, with music and gaiety and colour everywhere, and every second establishment a knocking-shop.

    Flashman and The Redskins

  • I'd suggested turning his private knocking-shop into a store room for reproduction 'antiques'.

    The Vatican Rip

  • Take Me Out - in all its shameful, neon, shouty, glorified knocking-shop splendour - has became a pivotal part of Saturday night TV.

    The Guardian World News

  • I said for a walk, and like a fool said down by the river not knowing that one of the riverside walks is a knocking-shop, and had to endure an hour's unrelenting abuse while she reminded me I was in Rome to do the Vatican rip, not to whore about the city all night, which was a bit unfair seeing what I'd gone through.

    The Vatican Rip

  • At first I thought it was going to be a frost, for while most of my team-mates were pretty civil - as you'd expect, to the Hector of Afghanistan - the egregious Brown was decidedly cool, and so was Brooke, who'd been head of the school in my time and was the apple of Arnold's eye - that tells you all you need to know about him; he was clean-limbed and handsome and went to church and had no impure thoughts and was kind to animals and old ladies and was a midshipman in the Navy; what happened to him I've no idea, but I hope he absconded with the ship's funds and the admiral's wife and set up a knocking-shop in Valparaiso.

    Flashman's Lady


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  • A village nearby where I grew up went by the name of Knockin - its shop was monikered as you might expect.

    May 8, 2009

  • house of ill repute

    May 8, 2009