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  • noun A sculpture representing a standing nude young man, especially one produced in Greece before the fifth century BC.

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  • noun a sculpture of a naked youth in Ancient Greece, the male equivalent of a kore.


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[Greek, boy; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

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Ionic Ancient Greek κοῦρος (kouros), variant of Ancient Greek κόρος (koros, "boy").


  • It would be amazing if Gigerenzer's German pedestrians were calling faults with something approaching Braden's accuracy, or knowing — not guessing — that the kouros was a fake.

    The Moment of Truth?

  • Ask Thomas Hoving how he knew, instantly, that the kouros was a fake, though, and he won't exactly be able to say. [

    The Moment of Truth?

  • In the mid-1980s, the Getty Museum paid $7 million for a kouros, a small Greek sculpture, after extensive scientific testing determined the marble had come from a Greek quarry hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.

    The Frida Fighters

  • The kouros himself can reach a decision or determination of the truth solely through use of his logos.

    Presocratic Philosophy

  • Although what the goddess tells the kouros has divine sanction (hers), that is not why he should accept it.

    Presocratic Philosophy

  • Parmenides gives us a poem in Homeric hexameters, narrating the journey of a young man (a kouros, in Greek) who is taken to meet a goddess who promises to teach him “all things”

    Presocratic Philosophy

  • The arguments of B8 demonstrate how what-is must be, and in applying these arguments as tests against any suggested basic entity in the Presocratic search for ultimate causes or principles, the kouros can determine whether or not a proposed theory is acceptable.

    Presocratic Philosophy

  • Rather, the goddess gives the kouros the tools to acquire that knowledge himself:

    Presocratic Philosophy

  • Dance in the grass, drink the heady wine of freedom, lay the young buff men with kouros bodies, and some of the young women as well.

    2nd March '06

  • The Getty have got one of those too . . . the so-called "Getty kouros", an impressive nude male statue, which is as likely to have been made in the twentieth century AD as in the sixth century BC.

    Ancient or modern?


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  • Miss Grundy was quite at a loss

    To find a light comment to toss,

    So breathlessly viewed

    That arrogant nude,

    The fleshless, compelling kouros.

    September 19, 2018