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  • n. Plural of labium.

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  • n. The folds of tissue at the opening of the vulva.

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  • See labium.

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  • n. A genus of earwigs of the family Forficulidæ, having the body short and the antennæ with fewer than twelve joints. L. minor is the little earwig, a European species found in manure-heaps and hotbeds.
  • n. Plural of labium.


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From Medieval Latin labialis, from Latin labium ("lip").


  • The outer, hair-covered genital lips are called the labia majora.

    Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause

  • The outer folds of skin, called the labia majora, are thick and covered with hair.

    Chapter 5

  • The vulva consists of folds of skin called labia, and a small organ called the clitoris.

    Chapter 5

  • Jesse is stunned; the hair really is red, not the shade of normal human hair and not rough like most dye jobs make it, but natural, soft, wavy human hair the color that red hair is in an old comic book, and the little tuft of it that doesn't quite hide her labia is a shade brighter.

    Mother Of Storms

  • It is possible that Sickert's gender wasn't clearly established until his testicles were discovered in the folds of the so-called labia and it was determined that he had no uterus.

    Portrait of a Killer

  • Between the hymen and the frenulum of the labia is the fossa navicularis, while in the groove between the hymen and the labium minus, on either side, the small opening of the greater vestibular (Bartholin’s) gland can be seen.

    XII. Surface Anatomy and Surface Markings. 10. Surface Markings of the Perineum

  • Between the hymen and the frenulum of the labia is a shallow depression, named the navicular fossa.

    XI. Splanchnology. 3d. 5. The External Organs

  • If the remaining portions of the hemispheres be slightly drawn apart a broad band of white substance, the corpus callosum, will be observed, connecting them at the bottom of the longitudinal fissure; the margins of the hemispheres which overlap the corpus callosum are called the labia cerebri.

    IX. Neurology. 4c. The Fore-brain or Prosencephalon

  • The Talmud calls the labia minora the doors, the labia majora hinges, and the clitoris the key.

    Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 Erotic Symbolism; The Mechanism of Detumescence; The Psychic State in Pregnancy

  • Gay can slip into purple excesses of language now and then - if I could, I would wave one of those "Men in Black" wands and erase the phrase "shimmering labia" from my brain - but he can also score a direct hit when he wants to.

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