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  • Shedding tears; appearing as if shedding or given to shedding tears; tearful.
  • Of a tearful quality; manifesting or exciting tearfulness; lugubrious; mournful: chiefly used in sarcasm: as, a lacrymose voice; lacrymose verses.
  • In botany, bearing tear-like bodies.


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  • From time to time there came, during my stay, statements in sundry American newspapers, some belligerent, some lacrymose, regarding his attitude toward our country.

    [Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White

  • The conventional love songs, lacrymose and proper, contained nothing like the desires of man or the heart of woman.

    Jean-Christophe, Volume I

  • Seeing his daughter, he was greatly delighted, and even lacrymose.

    The Darling and Other Stories

  • Some men also find the same pleasure in a lacrymose expression of countenance, seeming always to call for consolation: one of the most successful women I know owes her exceptional good fortune to this charm.

    Arabian nights. English

  • Brussels, to ask for assistance, and to mention, with lacrymose vehemence, that both his brother and himself had determined to renounce the episcopate, unless the forces of the Spanish King could be employed to recover the cities on the Rhine.

    History of the United Netherlands, 1586c

  • Great stress has often been laid on the two last mentioned species as inventions entirely new, and of great importance, and peculiar theories have been devised for them, &c. In the lacrymose drama of

    Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature


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  • See also lachrymose.

    March 15, 2015