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  • noun Inflammation of the sensitive laminae of the hoof, especially in horses.

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  • noun Inflammation of the laminæ of the hoof of a horse.

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  • noun (Far.) Inflammation of the laminæ or fleshy plates along the coffin bone of a horse; founder.

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  • noun veterinary medicine A disease of the digital laminae of the hoof

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  • noun inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse


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lamina +‎ -itis


  • He suffered something called laminitis, which is a wearing away, as I understand it, of the connective tissue between the hoof and the bone, a very painful condition.

    CNN Transcript Jan 29, 2007

  • If they can't bear weight fully on the broken limb, they can develop something called laminitis, which is a problem in the foot of the opposite hind limb.

    CNN Transcript May 22, 2006

  • Barbaro's other hind hoof still recovering from that disease called laminitis that's caused by the uneven weight balance on his legs.

    CNN Transcript Jan 29, 2007

  • He's receiving from a condition called laminitis and he's being aggressively treated for pain.

    CNN Transcript Jan 10, 2007

  • Congestion of the laminal blood-vessels and consequent laminitis occurs when animals are made to maintain a standing position for prolonged periods, as, for instance, when making sea voyages.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot

  • Aloes is, again, contra-indicated when the laminitis is a result of excessively long journeys, and the patient is already greatly exhausted.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot

  • _ -- Those cases of simple congestion of the laminæ, which we erroneously call laminitis, are rapidly developed, the symptoms are but moderately severe, and but one to three days are required for recovery.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • The condition known as laminitis can become so severe that the horse cannot be sustained, as was the case with Barbaro and other famous racehorses. News

  • -- The term 'laminitis' is used to indicate a spontaneous and diffuse inflammation of the whole of the sensitive structures of the foot, more particularly the sensitive laminæ.

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot

  • In the class of non-infectious affections one may consider conditions such as laminitis, strain and fractures.

    Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1


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