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  • n. A type of luxury fabric with a background weft.
  • n. An inflammation and swelling of the soft parts of the palate immediately behind the foreteeth in a horse.

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  • n. An inflammation and swelling of the soft parts of the roof of the mouth immediately behind the fore teeth in the horse; -- called also lampers.

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  • n. In farriery, a congestion and swelling of the fleshy lining of the roof of the mouth immediately behind the fore teeth in the horse. It soon subsides if left to itself.
  • n. Pl. lampades (-pa-dēz). An early quasi-generic or collective name of the lampshells, or such of the arthropomatous brachiopods as were known a century ago, especially Terebratulidæ.
  • n. A genus of Foraminifera: same as Robulina.
  • n. A genus of gastropods, closely related to Ravella.
  • n. Originally, Chinese flowered silk; hence, in modern times, a material of decorative character for upholstery, made of silk and wool.


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French lampas.


  • 'A lampas is a compound weave with extra warps and wefts which put patterns and colours on the face of the fabric only, and are tucked into the back. '

    Come To Grief

  • One of a family drenched with train -- oil and brimstone, another cut for some horrible complaint never heard of before, called lampas, and the females sent to the Red Rover, some being in calf already! "

    Tom Cringle's Log

  • Maybe that was the reason why they cut into a large piece of perfectly fine lampas for some fake tailoring - to have a quick yet costly-looking and representative burial dress for the corpse.

    Togs from Bogs - have you ever seen this?

  • I'm always reminded a little bit of a baby's romper suit, though the wearer of this expensive, patterned silk lampas certainly didn't romp about anymore, and the piece can have covered only his front.

    Togs from Bogs - have you ever seen this?

  • Brocaded silk lampas, with embroidery in silk and silver-gilt thread

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Picture's Caption: Fragment of a Silk lampas, 14th century, Central Asia or China, silk and gilded paper lamella both spun around silk and woven flat, 228 x 63.5 cm.,

    Cosmophilia: Islamic Art from the David Collection, Copenhagen

  • Tulad ng lampas sa matwid na ito bilang mga tunog, Sumasang-ayon ako ito ay isang magandang ideya hanggang sa epekto sa kapaligiran ay maaaring tasahin. »2,008» Hunyo

  • From Lucca to Florence, from Venice to Genoa, the Italian silk industry supplied all of Europe with silk and gold velvets, with rich damasks and sumptuous lampas.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Ano sa tingin ko ay kaya kahanga-hanga, kaya maluwalhati, na ito ay may wakas na lampas-intindi. »2,007» Septiyembre

  • Ngunit hindi namin makita ang Pro-Life proponents picketing ospital Sulatan ang mga Yunit, at tunay na plastic Surgeon, sa gayon, upang magbigay sa kanila ng pakinabang ng pag-aalinlangan, ang kanilang mga kahulugan ng matatag na buhay ng tao napupunta na lampas sa parehong mga pamantayang ito. »2,007» Septiyembre


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  • The gaucho done roaming the pampas

    And scholar at home on his campus

    Both think that it suits

    Their glorious glutes

    To rest on a divan of lampas.

    July 16, 2015