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  • v. subject to laughter or ridicule


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  • At those tables in the great city she knew not ever to talk about herself, or complain about anything such as the heat, or the dullness of the season, or the antics of an actress; she knew not to babble about banalities, or laugh at things that were not very funny.

    The Empty Family

  • They may explain the unexplainable and they make us laugh at ourselves.

    Eliza’s Freedom Road

  • Playing now at courses such as Pinehurst, Doral, and the Greenbriers Old White, and eating at restaurants where dinner costs, literally, what my father and his brothers used to earn in a week, I often think of them and try to keep hold of their ability to be happy with simple pleasures, to live in the moment, to set aside the burden of financial or family concerns and laugh at themselves.

    The Italian Summer

  • She was already petrified at the thought that London society might laugh at her behind her back, mocking her manners and her looks as Mrs. Wallingford had done.

    The Wayward Muse

  • He not only had more skill than Claudia, but more of a sense of fun, letting the crowd in on the joke, inviting them to laugh at the absurdity of a girl with such joyless, textbook moves trying to outdance him.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • RAOUL:Other kids laugh at me when they see how I write.

    A Mind at a Time

  • They may laugh at his social oddities and say that his head is in three tiers, like the papal tiara, but after he receives a division of the Second Corps and leads it in battle, no soldier ever laughs at Old Allegheny.


  • We thought it was a trivialization of ourselves in a way that we would all be able to laugh at together.

    What's the Deal?

  • Marc Andreessen , the inventor of the Web browser and now a venture capitalist, argued—with lots of figures—that there was no bubble and that the start-ups that succeed are those with ambitious ideas that seem so crazy at first that people laugh at them.

    All Things Digital

  • His is a curious fate: While young professional artillerists and infantrymen laugh at him, most of them have high admiration and proudly admitted affection for his son, Sandie Pendleton.



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