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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of laugh.


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  • And Jesus gripped his hand, and laughed and laughed….


  • And he laughed when my father and I went to see him; yes, _laughed_, in that noiseless, oily, inside way of his, as you might think of a snake laughing.

    The Alaskan

  • The child sees this title laughed to scorn before he knows it is


  • Dick Forrest was smitten at the same instant with joy and anxiety — ­joy in the glorious beast pacing down between the lilac hedges; anxiety in that the stallion might have awakened the girl who laughed from the round wooden frame on his wall.


  • While Dick Forrest scanned the pamphlet on hog cholera issued by the State of Iowa, through his open windows, across the wide court, began to come sounds of the awakening of the girl who laughed from the wooden frame by his bed and who had left on the floor of his sleeping porch, not so many hours before, the rosy, filmy, lacy, boudoir cap so circumspectly rescued by Oh My.


  • Martin laughed merrily, but it was with an effort.

    Chapter 37

  • Even Sarah Palin laughed at those Christian Values as she had an affair with her husbands business partner.

    Think Progress » After Telling Women, Gays How To Live, Oklahoma GOP Outraged At ‘Government Intervention’ In Divorces

  • Mr. Coughlin laughed about it the next day, and Thursday, when Mr. Cofield sported a bright blue shirt that read, "Don 't Tase Me, Bro," Mr. Canty broke into hysterics.

    In Stuffing the Run,

  • He asked me while he laughed is it true that you have schools to train beauty queens?

    Global Voices in English » Venezuela: Another Miss Universe Crown

  • Sarin laughed and stepped walked out the room, hearing peals of laughter from the rest of the staff.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » July : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day


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