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  • See draft.
  • noun See draff.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • transitive verb To draw out; to call forth. See draft.
  • transitive verb rare To diminish or exhaust by drawing.
  • transitive verb To draw in outline; to make a draught, sketch, or plan of, as in architectural and mechanical drawing.
  • transitive verb a room draughtsmen to work in, and where plans are kept.
  • adjective Used for drawing vehicles, loads, etc.
  • adjective Relating to, or characterized by, a draft, or current of air.
  • adjective Used in making drawings.
  • adjective Drawn directly from the barrel, or other receptacle, in distinction from bottled; on draught; -- said of ale, cider, and the like.
  • adjective See Draught tube, below.
  • adjective (Mining) an engine used for pumping, raising heavy weights, and the like.
  • adjective (Mil.) one of the hooks on a cannon carriage, used in drawing the gun backward and forward.
  • adjective a horse employed in drawing loads, plowing, etc., as distinguished from a saddle horse or carriage horse.
  • adjective a seine or hauling net.
  • adjective an ox employed in hauling loads, plowing, etc.
  • adjective (Water Wheels) an air-tight pipe extending downward into the tailrace from a turbine wheel located above it, to make the whole fall available; -- called also draught box.
  • noun The act of drawing or pulling.
  • noun The act of moving loads by drawing, as by beasts of burden, and the like.
  • noun obsolete The drawing of a bowstring.
  • noun Act of drawing a net; a sweeping the water for fish.
  • noun The act of drawing liquor into the mouth and throat; the act of drinking.
  • noun obsolete A sudden attack or drawing upon an enemy.
  • noun (Mil.) The act of selecting or detaching soldiers; a draft (see Draft, n., 2)
  • noun The act of drawing up, marking out, or delineating; representation.
  • noun That which is drawn.
  • noun That which is taken by sweeping with a net.
  • noun (Mil.) The force drawn; a detachment; -- in this sense usually written draft.
  • noun The quantity drawn in at once in drinking; a potion or potation.
  • noun A sketch, outline, or representation, whether written, designed, or drawn; a delineation.
  • noun (Com.) An order for the payment of money; -- in this sense almost always written draft.
  • noun A current of air moving through an inclosed place, as through a room or up a chimney.
  • noun That which draws.
  • noun A team of oxen or horses.
  • noun A sink or drain; a privy.
  • noun (Med.) A mild vesicatory; a sinapism.
  • noun Capacity of being drawn; force necessary to draw; traction.
  • noun (Naut.) The depth of water necessary to float a ship, or the depth a ship sinks in water, especially when laden.
  • noun (Com.) An allowance on weighable goods. [Eng.] See Draft, 4.
  • noun obsolete A move, as at chess or checkers.
  • noun The bevel given to the pattern for a casting, in order that it may be drawn from the sand without injury to the mold.
  • noun (Masonry) See Draft, n., 7.
  • noun the angle made with the plane over which a body is drawn by the line in which the pulling force acts, when the latter has the direction best adapted to overcome the obstacles of friction and the weight of the body.
  • noun See under Black, a.
  • noun the draught produced by a blower, as by blowing in air beneath a fire or drawing out the gases from above it.
  • noun the draught produced by the atmosphere flowing, by its own weight, into a chimney wherein the air is rarefied by heat.
  • noun so as to be drawn from the wood (as a cask, barrel, etc.) in distinction from being bottled; as, ale on draught.
  • noun See under Sheer.


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From Old English dræht, from Proto-Germanic *drahtiz.



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