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  • n. A round flatbread of Norwegian origin, traditionally made of a potato-based dough and baked on a griddle.

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  • n. A traditional soft Norwegian flatbread made from potato, flour, and milk or cream (or sometimes lard) and cooked on a griddle.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Norwegian, from leiv, flat cake, from Old Norse hleifr.

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  • The sort of foundation product we serve is lefse, this Norwegian potato flatbread, and I grew up eating that every year at Christmastime, says Walhood.

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  • [I should have had pears here but forgot to put them on the table, so I will be eating pears this week] cold blueberry soup with mango and cardamom lefse chocolate bread choice of butter, apple butter, or strawberry preserves (the latter two made by porphyrin) roasted yams with sea salt and rosemary gravlax scrambled eggs with tomatoes, basil, and sharp cheddar.

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  • Curious, .. does that go well with herring, hoppies and lefse??

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  • First time here,. .mostly Im Norwegian so I grew up on a lot of boiled food (fish especially) lamb pork and fowl,. etc etc with lefse (thin poatao bread) that you put butter and sugar on,. roll it up like a buretto, nd eat it ..

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  • We'd steam up the sauna with our own heat and then retire between skins and feed each other gravvlox and lefse from our fingertips.

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  • So my family roots are Midwestern Norwegian Lutheran, and while we have many yummy dishes – lefse, kringla, rice pudding, etc. – there is a dearth of sweetish side dishes to serve at holidays.

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  • July 29, 2008 at 8:22 am bout da strawngist gin u kin find- furst u killz da tast budz den u eatz da lutefisk n lefse….

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  • Mum and I made some marzipan figures, and I was loaded with lefse and buns for the freezer when I left.

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  • Being partly of Norwegian descent, their was a time when I would treck down to Bay Ridge from time to time whenever I got in the mood for some lefse, lignonberries or fishballs.

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  • Yet that store is always closed when I go there in search of lefse.

    Viking Runes


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  • Wikipedia has it partially wrong. Many lefse recipes are made with potato, flour, and butter (no cream or milk). I'm just being picky because that's how my family makes it.

    February 25, 2009

  • Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread made out of potato, milk or cream and flour, and cooked on a griddle. Special tools are available for lefse baking, including long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves. There are significant regional variations in the way lefse is made and eaten, but it generally resembles a flatbread although it is far thinner. In some parts of the United States (such as North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, northern and central Iowa, Wisconsin, and Washington), lefse is available in grocery stores.


    When I lived in Minnesota it was always possible to pick up part-time work hours making lefse for the huge Christmas rush demand for the product. So good with butter and cinnamon-sugar.

    February 3, 2008

  • A Scandinavian tortilla made from potato and flour.

    November 27, 2007