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  • n. Informal Work, such as collecting information or doing research in preparation for a project, that involves much walking or traveling about.

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  • n. Work, especially research or preparation, that involves significant walking, travel, or similar effort.
  • n. Skillful or vigorous use of the legs, as in dance or sports.


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leg +‎ work.


  • And the legwork is impressive too — in Amsterdam alone, Maher interviews two politicians, a Franciscan monk, a brace of Muslim homosexuals, and a man who has founded, though he seems a little unclear on its basic tenets, his own private cannabis-based religion.

    An Atheist Walks Into a Bar …

  • Engaging Expert Networks Rather than relying on research analysts to do general legwork, which is then broadly disseminated across hundreds or thousands of clients, an increasing number of institutional investors are using targeted expert networks to mine for the data they really need.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Under this view, the Constitution allows the AG to assign virtually all of the "legwork" to Smapson and Goodling, as long as the final decision has the AG's approbation, which can be evidenced not only by the AG's own signature, but also by the signature of "an authorized subordinate officer."


  • Wright and Hanrahan also do the old-fashioned kind of legwork that younger reporters often shun in favor of downloads from the Internet, and both of their methods have paid off, so to speak.

    A Made-for-Tabloid Murder

  • There's a far cry -- I'm worried that you're not getting a distinction between doing the kind of legwork that investigators do on behalf of lawyers, which happens all the time in each and every case, and going out and looking up dirt on prosecutors and reporters.

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • With that kind of legwork, and plenty of support from genre-bending Hip Hop mainstays like >

  • Perhaps even more problematic is the kind of legwork that is going to be needed from the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (notoriously absent at the Vatican press conference) and Canterbury to ensure that this does not have a negative impact on existing ecumenical dialogues.

    Vox Nova

  • Some planners even include basic wedding supplies or decorations in their fee, and they'll also do a lot of the "legwork" so the couple is free to enjoy the wedding. Headlines

  • And then she did a lot of legwork, put in a lot of really hard hours before it was really possible to do it.

    A Master of Kung Folk : a Conversation With Benjamin Taylor

  • Indian sports officials haven't completed the legwork to get kabaddi into the Games

    Ancient Sport of India Touts Ties to Buddha, and Male Cheerleaders


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