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  • adj. Unsteady, precarious or rickety.
  • adj. Unstable, insecure or wobbly.
  • v. Present participle of totter.

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  • adj. unsteady in gait as from infirmity or old age
  • adj. (of structures or institutions) having lost stability; failing or on the point of collapse


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  • He turned to watch his sister, once again tottering toward the glimmering fake plants.

    365 tomorrows » Jared Axelrod : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • There were, in truth, moments when he felt in his turn an impulse, that was nearly resistless, to spring forward and awake the unconscious sleepers; but a glance at Ellen would serve to recall his tottering prudence, and to admonish him of the consequences.

    The Prairie

  • Her condition, which was not widely known during her husband's political career, was probably responsible for the catty rumors about Mamie being a "tottering" heavy drinker, Julie and David say in the interview.

    In new book, David Eisenhower, wife Julie mine memories of Ike's twilight years

  • Karnataka and prop up the "tottering" Congress government in Andhra Pradesh.

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • In the car afterwards Cronkite would predict the race a shoe-in for Carter and pick Bush over a "tottering" Reagan.

    The Full Feed from

  • He sez (at non-partisan NRO) that it will also allow the President to “salvage his tottering administration”.

    Matthew Yglesias » Hunger in Southern Sudan

  • With an approval rating barring any spectacular uptick in the economy that is likely next year to still be razor thin between what's needed to eke out a victory or tottering perilously close to a defeat, he will have virtually no margin for error to ward off the distraction of a spirited challenge from inside the Democratic party.

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson: GOP Would Love Nader's Fantasy of a Party Challenge to Obama

  • Sometimes, driving along, he'll spot an unsuspecting cyclist tottering by on a vintage Schwinn and offer to buy it for $20 plus the shiny Chinese-built " Wal-Mart special" off the back of his truck.

    High-Value Rust on Wheels

  • Old Marrow-Bone, deserted and far behind, was tottering silently along in his handicapped race with death.


  • At half-past eight, famished, tottering, I washed up, changed my clothes, and dragged my weary body to the car.

    Chapter 20


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