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  • n. Milit., a pyrotechnic preparation, composed of saltpeter, sulphur, resin, and linseed-oil, used by soldiers to afford light for their own operations.


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  • A sputtering light-ball of the size of a food pellet, it cast a circle of such intense brilliance on the metal ceiling that the sunglow illumination was dim by comparison.

    "Power" by Harl Vincent, part 4

  • He called for a new light-ball to his hookah, and considered the case.


  • She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and blinked in the yellow glow from the light-ball hovering over Keoke's head.

    The Elvenbane

  • So instead of returning to her room, she turned down the corridor into the unused sections, created a light-ball to follow her, and headed for the last place she had been in her explorations.

    The Elvenbane

  • You yourself have perhaps seen the light-ball, or certainly heard much and read in newspapers about it.

    Secret Enemies of True Republicanism

  • After failing to find any explanation for the latest report - described by police as a yellow light-ball - officers told the caller it must have been a natural phenomenon.

    Unexplained Mysteries

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