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  • n. The malicious practice of tricking users of a social networking website into "liking" something they did not intend to like.


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Blend of like and hijacking; compare clickjacking.


  • The practice is also known as "likejacking" because victims are tricked into using Facebook's "like" button to perpetuate it.

    Facebook sues 'clickjacking' company

  • Also known as likejacking, clickjacking attacks exploit the "like" button functionality that

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs

  • Clickjacking -- also known as likejacking -- works by spamming Facebook users with such content as "LOL this girl gets owned after a police officer reads her status message" and "the prom dress that got this girl suspended from school."

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs

  • But clicking on these links takes Facebook users to what appears to be a blank page with just the message "Click here to continue," according to Sophos, which describes the "likejacking" exploit in a blog post written by Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley.

    'Likejacking' exploit fools Facebook users and friends

  • Cluley says Facebook users would benefit from reviewing their recent activity on their news feeds and delete entries related to the links described, and if necessary, remove any of the identified "likejacking" pages from the "Likes and interests" section.

    'Likejacking' exploit fools Facebook users and friends

  • According to security firm Sophos, which has taken to calling this type of exploit "likejacking," the viral "Like" worm spotted last weekend was working its way across Facebook with messages that include the following:

    'Likejacking' exploit fools Facebook users and friends

  • Security researchers are warning of the newest Facebook threat, something they're calling "likejacking," a Facebook-enabled clickjacking attack that tricks users into clicking links that mark the clicked site as one of your Facebook "likes."

    Daily Dispatch: Google drops Windows from employee desktops; Likejacking is newest Facebook threat

  • PSA: Farmville used as bait in new "likejacking" s


  • But it's not inconceivable that the "likejacking" exploits could be used in much the way black-hat search engine optimization is used to lure people to websites that try to install malware on their machines.

    The Register

  • Cluley says that the attackers 'rationale for the "likejacking" exploit is "likely to boil down to money.

    'Likejacking' exploit fools Facebook users and friends


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  • likejacking is clickjacking , but the unintended consequence of clicking something is that it 'likes' an app or something on facebook.

    you are on a website, and click on a picture thinging you're hitting the play button, and the next thing you know you 'liked' something on facebook, and all your friends get spammed with crap on Facebook

    February 13, 2013