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  • n. A rocking or balanced stone.
  • n. A marsh.


Shortening of pokelogan. (Wiktionary)


  • Therefor I believe logan is not back but it is essentially ric appearing as logan. just a thought ….

    'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Damon's plan revealed |

  • LOGAN!!!!!!!!! rory and logan are perfect for eachother!! they both go to yale, and lare very smart. logan is so sweet to rory, e.g. vineyard valentine episode!

    Farewell GILMORE GIRLS | the TV addict

  • No i hae to say i never really liked logan ... rorys way to seriouse and logan is still a little boy hes was to immature for rory .. high royalty no! i disagree logan and rory are perfect for each other and he tried to get her to back to yale but it was her who had to make that decision and at least she had someone behind her she needed to do something and her time off made and helped her realize why she always cared somuch about school. it made her see i'm going to school for myself not for anyone else including my mom. and it wasn't logan who let her drop out she did it all by herself and he told her not to take that intern in the first place with his father, and jess and dean would have done the same thing, stuck behind 100%.

    GILMORE GIRLS SHOCKER! | the TV addict

  • i think the writters need to give logan a fair shot and not write me out of the show, logan is one of the best parts of the show and is just like Rory (funny, smart) i really think that Rory should marry him, i mean it's been three years!

    GILMORE GIRLS SHOCKER! | the TV addict

  • Granite on the moor generally weathers irregularly, and if the lower part of a piled-up mass partly crumbles away, a huge layer of harder granite remains balanced on one or two points, and becomes what is called a logan-stone.

    Devon, Its Moorlands, Streams and Coasts

  • They are also called logan stones and "hoar" stones, _hoar_ meaning a boundary, inasmuch as they were frequently used in later times to mark the boundary of an estate, parish, or manor.

    Vanishing England

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    Rifles of Interest: Montana High Country Series Ridgeline

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    Chilling example of intimidation!

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    Nancy Pelosi and the AWB

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    Holy Grails


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