from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having a long horn or horns; ; having long antennæ, as certain beetles (Longicornia).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having long horns: specifically applied to some breeds of domestic cattle.
  • Having long antennæ; longicorn: as, long-horned grasshoppers.


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  • Pitigliano is in Maremma, which is considered a wild and undiscovered region in southern Tuscany complete with cowboys, half-feral horses and long-horned white cattle.

    Susan Fogwell: Hidden Italy's Pitigliano Remains off the Tourist Grid

  • Of the trees that haven't been destroyed, he said 85% are "heavily infested by one or more long-horned beetles" that bore into the wood of adult boswellia and eat them from the inside.

    A Shift for the Magi? Frankincense Shortage

  • Insects like Asian long-horned beetles and coniferous nematodes, says the website for Cherry's Industrial Equipment Corp., of Elk Grove, Ill., which sells plastic pallets.

    Loaded Issue: Pallet Makers Sling Mud Over Who's Greenest

  • For example, a Massachusetts homeowner who found a strange-looking bug in her backyard and reported it to the appropriate government agency helped prevent the Asian long-horned beetle from spreading through the United States.

    Going abroad? Avoid bringing back unintended souvenirs.

  • When it arrived, the USDA impounded it, not because the government had suspicion about the contents, but to make sure the wood packing crate had been treated to eliminate traces of pests in the wood, such as the Asian long-horned beetle, ambrosia beetle or the emerald ash borer.

    Going abroad? Avoid bringing back unintended souvenirs.

  • From the ambiguity of tea to the farmers 'long-horned cattle and fat-tailed sheep originally bred from indigenous stock, these household inventories actually reflect African elements of colonial life, though they are listed in terms that might otherwise be read as strictly European, like crockery and farm animals.

    Belongings: Property, Family, and Identity in Colonial South Africa

  • LICHTMAN: But the story is how these crows use sticks to pull out these juicy, long-horned beetle larvae.

    Why Are These Crows So Good With Tools?

  • The zombies in ragged clothes and ragged flesh were darting at the edges of the herd, biting and clawing like a pack of attacking wolves, occasionally clotting when they pulled a calf down, tearing it apart while it bawled and the protective long-horned mother charged, kicking and head-pronging the hell out of the zombies, but eventually falling helpless into their never-dying, gobbling midst.

    Silver Zombie

  • Call them America's most wanted critters: the emerald ash borer, the Asian long-horned beetle, the Asian gypsy moth.

    Invasive insects are growing threat to trees, forests

  • Likewise, the Asian long-horned beetle has caused consternation since its first appearance, in Brooklyn, in 1996.

    Invasive insects are growing threat to trees, forests


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