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  • n. Informal One dedicated to the arts and especially to classical music.
  • n. Informal One whose taste in the arts is considered to be overrefined.
  • n. Informal A person with long hair, especially a hippie.

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  • n. A person with hair longer than the norm, especially someone viewed as bohemian, non-conventional or a hippie.
  • n. A person with a deep interest in the classical arts, especially music.
  • n. A person considered to have excessively refined taste for the arts.
  • adj. Concerning or characteristic of classical music.


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  • "longhair" - i.e. anything more than half-an-inch - and accidentally stumbled into the Long Branch Saloon instead of the adjacent Wrangler you were in big trouble, in actuality seldom did anything amiss occur, even when Sam Peckinpah was letting off volleys of pistol shots into the ceiling of his permanent room at the Baxter Hotel.

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  • It's a long way from my days in rock 'n roll in the 1970s when "longhair" music did not mean classical.

    Greg Mitchell: For Thanksgiving: Beethoven's Wish That 'All Become Brothers'

  • But the obvious criticism of Star Trek is that its intergalactic lingo was too unchanged: in the episode in which Scotty makes his debut, another crew member lies in the sick bay and complains that Kirk is making him read all this "longhair" stuff.

    Great Scott

  • It seemed unlikely even then that "longhair" would have survived the centuries as a synonym for "intellectual," and Scotty's neologisms at least have the merit of being potentially spoken in the distant future.

    Great Scott

  • Four-year-old 'longhair' suspended: Taylor Pugh listens to his parents answer television reporters 'questions at the Mesquite Independent School District board meeting in Mesquite, Texas.

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  • Chris Salmon Milk Music I've Got a Wild Feeling Possibly the best song yet from these Olympia, WA true believers, in which a bunch of longhair punks obsessed with CSNY kick out rapturous, runaway noise-pop full of blistering hooks and messy, melodic howls.

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  • Drew down on a longhair with bloodshot eyes, hipster beard, robe and sandals.

    Egg Hunt

  • Since some of the travel described in the book was set in Africa, where one might indeed find a cat in a tree — although granted not a domestic longhair! — it seemed to me an appropriate and amusing image.

    On silly author photos

  • "It's disgusting the way the kid slobbers," one bearded longhair told me in Mendocino in 1975.

    Jules Siegel: Sensual Massage Made Simple Video Renews the Healing Spirit of the '70s

  • Purebred and longhair cats had a lower risk for obesity.

    Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » French Fat Cats


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