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  • noun someone deranged and possibly dangerous.

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  • adjective Alternative spelling of loony.

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  • noun someone deranged and possibly dangerous


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

At least from 1829.


  • They could fill enough hot air balloons to sail them all where they belong and that is in looney ben.

    Kyl calls for job creation

  • January 28th, 2009 at 1: 26 pm the danger the northern menace poses to the US has lessened now that the looney is back down to 83 cents.

    Matthew Yglesias » My Long-Awaited Revenge

  • And in case you didn't know, nearly ALL of our Founding Fathers held Libertarian principles, and the man who many of you call a looney (though i doubt you know his policy views) is a proponent of some liberal ideas!

    Barr announces presidential bid

  • It has gone from a few folks (called looney) to more and more.

    Latest Articles

  • From my retired USAF brother in Anchorage (I asked him how Alaskans enjoyed being called looney by the MSM)

    The Absurd Report

  • Yeah, nothin 'says "looney" like pointing out that we don't have the money to police the world, that we should return to constitutional government and protect individual liberty, and that our entitlement programs are going bankrupt.

    Paul No. 1 on

  • I've already been called a "looney" on one site, which made me giggle because it made me think of Monty Python's "Fish License" sketch in which John Cleese proclaims "I am not a looney!" while trying to obtain a license for his pet fish, Eric.

    Jamie Frevele: Why I'm (Still) Auctioning Off My Right to Marry

  • The Canadian dollar, commonly known as the "looney" has fallen to 71¢ US from parity last September, and the nation has lost 71 thousand jobs in November, rising the unemployment rate to 6.8%, and if there isn't an auto industry bailout by the US Congress, or so the US auto industry says, GM could collapse by the end of the month.

    Eric Lurio: Harper's "Time Out"

  • I ran it by a manager or two that I know, they wanted to know if I was 'looney'.

    Mike Hegedus: Open up the Circle 7, close down the Newscenter, stop the Action in Action News--it's 'Looney' time

  • You can echo Joe Lieberman and Bill O'Reilly all you like: Ned Lamont is no leftist, much less a 'looney' (which is such a silly term to bring to a serious discussion of politics).

    CT-SEN: Lieberman Up 10 Points In New Poll


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  • 3. A single Canadian dollar coin in common circulation, so called because of the obverse engraving showing a common loon water-bird. Historical note: This version of the one dollar coin had to be created in a great hurry after the master stamps for what was supposed to be the one dollar coin were lost in transit to the mint after being sent via an unsecured courier. Also see Tooney, the common name of the two dollar coin which does not share the same obverse design but is called by association to the earlier 'new' one dollar coin.

    June 26, 2009