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  • n. Any of various brightly colored Australasian parrots having a tongue with a brushlike tip that is used to feed on nectar and pollen.

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  • n. Any of various small, brightly coloured, parrots native to Australasia. They are usually classified in the subfamily Loriinae.

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  • n. Any one of many species of small parrots of the family Trichoglossidæ, generally having the tongue papillose at the tip, and the mandibles straighter and less toothed than in common parrots. They are found in the East Indies, Australia, New Guinea, and the adjacent islands. They feed mostly on soft fruits and on the honey of flowers.

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  • n. One of a large number of parrots constituting the subfamily Loriinæ, or forming a separate family Trichoglossidæ; any brush-tongued parrakeet, or lorikeet.
  • n. In Africa, the white-crested turakoo, Turacus corythaix or T. albo-cristatus, one of the plantain-eaters: probably so called on account of its green color and high crest, which suggest a parrot.

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  • n. small brightly colored Australasian parrots having a brush-tipped tongue for feeding on nectar and soft fruits


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Malay luri.


  • Proceed, my friend, and rail; but hear me tell A (lory, which is juft thy parallel.

    The works of the English poets; with prefaces, biographical and critical

  • The police stop every lory heading out towards this forest and "fine" (or bribe, really) every Zimbabwean without papers about 5 dollars on-the-spot.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • GrrlScientist: yes, he is a bird i raised from a chick @100xCIENCIA: @GrrlScientist Is the lory in your avatar yours?

    Looking at partial eclipse directly could damage eyes, experts say

  • I started to read it and then I skipped it because I wanted to get on with the * lory.

    Arcana Magi - c.1: Oryn Zentharis, Seeker of the Truth

  • The remaining four species are found nowhere else: the endangered black-chinned monarch (Monarcha boanensis) and vulnerable salmon-crested cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis), purple-naped lory (Lorius domicella), and lazuli kingfisher (Todirhamphus lazuli).

    Seram rain forests

  • The Biak gerygone (Gerygone hypoxantha) and Biak monarch (Monarcha brehmii) are considered endangered, and the black-winged lory (Eos cyanogenia) is considered vulnerable.

    Biak-Numfoor rain forests

  • Five vulnerable species, four of which are found nowhere else, are found in the ecoregion: invisible rail (Habroptila wallacii), caranculated fruit-dove (Ptilinopus granulifrons), chattering lory (Lorius garrulus), and white cockatoo (Cacatua alba).

    Halmahera rain forests

  • So now in chorus, giving God the g lory, raise we our anthem gladly to his honor, that in fair kinship we may all be sharers here and hereafter.

    Augustine of Hippo: Common of Theologians and Teachers

  • Thirteen species are endemic to the ecoregion, including the Truk monarch (Metabolus rugensis), the Pohnpei fantail (Rhipidura kubaryi), the Pohnpei mountain starling (Aplonis pelzeni), and the Pohnpei lory (Trichoglossus rubiginosus).

    Carolines tropical moist forests

  • The endemic parrot, the Henderson lory (Vini stepheni), feeds largely on the nectar of two plant species, a degree of specialization unknown in nectarivorous birds elsewhere.

    Tuamotu tropical moist forests


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