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  • adj. Marked by, suffering, or promising lack of luck; unlucky. See Synonyms at unfortunate.

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  • adj. Unsuccessful, in a failing manner.
  • adj. Without luck.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Being without luck; unpropitious; unfortunate; unlucky; meeting with ill success or bad fortune

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having no luck; suffering mischance; unlucky; unsuccessful: as, a luckless gamester.
  • Unattended by luck; bringing or marked by ill luck or misfortune; unfortunate: unfavorable : as, a luckless adventure.
  • Synonyms Unlucky, ill-starred, ill-fated.

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  • adj. having or bringing misfortune


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luck +‎ -less


  • If they are going to match their achievement in Germany in 2006, that so called luckless streak is going to have to come to an end in Nelspruit.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  •  But of course it's like those emblems of "luckless" people — it shows the carin betweenbeing on the road and flipping over (and over and over).

    Sonoma Coast

  •   (Suddenly, I wonder if the word "luckless" was the outcome of a thesaurus search rather than a moment of inspiration.)  Moreover, if it's a matter of "hap" or "luck," why warn someone about what cannot be averted or foreseen?

    Sonoma Coast

  •  Some copy writer in the park service waxed poetic and referred to the people who are pulled out to sea never to be seen again as "luckless" (or "hapless," I can't remember now), as if the sleeper wave were a particularly horrific agent of fate, which I guess it is.

    Sonoma Coast

  • I can easily imagine the story of "luckless" Carol trying to keep poor "Lucky" on the right side of the dirt.

    HH Com 468

  • The "luckless" farmer simply did not _perceive_ the indications of wealth under his plodding feet; or, if he saw signs of oil, he did not realize that they _denoted_ the possibility of millions.

    Certain Success

  • While 19th century viewers of the original stereograph for Reaching for the Out of Reach #9 may have enjoyed the dramatic image of luckless passengers shipwrecked on the shores of Massachusetts, it's hard to imagine they would be similarly amused by the sad Victorian-looking characters stranded atop coffee bales and beneath umbrellas while the crippled ship looms like a set piece from some 3D Tim Burton film.

    The New York Public Library: New Perspectives on Old Perspectives: How an Art Project Helped the NYPL Put Its 3D Stereograph Collection in Your Hands

  • And the subject of the script leads to the luckless director who had to stage it, Kenneth Branagh.

    'Thor': A Vehicle of Low Norsepower

  • But neither is it so lightweight that you might be embarrassed to carry it onto a beach even here in New Jersey, the proud home of Boardwalk attractions such as the Shoot the Geek concession stand that lets you fire paintballs at a luckless teenager dressed like a terrorist.

    2009 July 01 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • And the press would pile on, painting a picture of a luckless, incapacitated campaign, powerless to avoid its approaching doom.

    O: A Presidential Novel


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