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  • adj. Not prosperous.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not prosperous; not attended with success; unfortunate; unsuccessful.


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un- +‎ prosperous


  • As J.Phillippe Rushton has noted, it breaks the general pattern of tropical counties being unprosperous – because 75% of its population are ethnic Chinese, a classic demonstration of the IQ/National Wealth thesis.

    Illegal Guatemalan Convicted on All Counts in Preventable Colorado Deaths

  • You no need no specialist knowledge of Welsh politics to realise that this has been an unprosperous enough ground for your party.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • We never met a man, or woman, or child anywhere in this sunny island who seemed to be unprosperous, or discontented, or sorry about anything.


  • Pasha of Egypt, to whose unprosperous rule and miserable career the signification certainly does not apply.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • A private man, however successful in his own dealings, if his country perish is involved in her destruction; but if he be an unprosperous citizen of a prosperous city he is much more likely to recover.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • It is true there be some affairs, which require extreme secrecy, which will hardly go beyond one or two persons, besides the king: neither are those counsels unprosperous; for, besides the secrecy, they commonly go on constantly, in one spirit of direction, without distraction.

    The Essays

  • The rewards to best-selling writers are indeed high but as a profession, writing has remained resolutely unprosperous.

    More Grist for the (Circumscribed) Copyright Mill

  • And even after the war, and after the vague and vacillating adumbration of a federal super-state by the League of Nations at Geneva, most of even the most advanced writers seem to have been still under the impression that the utmost adjustment needed was some patching up of the current system so as to prevent or mitigate war and restrain the insurrectionary urge of the unprosperous.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • They are still under that interdiction, but since our commercial code practically prevents usury altogether, and our law will not recognise contracts for interest upon private accommodation loans to unprosperous borrowers, it is now scarcely necessary.

    A Modern Utopia

  • The rest were liberally paid and dismissed, the faithful old butler, whom Mrs. Osborne proposed to retain, resigning and preferring to invest his savings in a public-house, where, let us hope, he was not unprosperous.

    Vanity Fair


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